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Become a FACILITAS Franchise Partner!

Help people to become non-smokers in only 90 minutes!

Welcome to FACILITAS Healthcare - one of the world's leading companies in the soft laser smoking cessation sector. With more than 50 store locations in over 20 countries, FACILITAS has already achieved an international reputation. In order to further expand our network, we have opportunities for qualified franchise partners across the globe who recognize the potential our concept offers.

Generally, there are two ways of expansion; either by recruiting new franchisees within the allocated region (master franchise territory) or by opening your own FACILITAS Healthcare center(s).

In order to provide you with the most detailed information on this franchise opportunity, we would like to grant you access to our virtual franchise information center. Just request information and you will be sent an email invitation.

Smoking Cessation

The FACILITAS laser therapy is based on acupuncture principles. Through the stimulation of certain meridian points on the human ear, natural chemicals called endorphins are released which eliminate cravings and smoking withdrawal symptoms. Combined with professional pre- and post-consultation, the vast majority of our clients quit smoking successfully and return to a healthy life.

A winning opportunity

  • High success rate; Middlesex University in the UK has proven the effectiveness of the soft laser treatment.
  • The treatment has attracted worldwide TV, radio and press coverage.
  • Unique brand image and reputation.
  • More than 20,000 people have managed to stop smoking in Europe thanks to this laser therapy.
  • Low investment.
  • "Made in Germany“ technology and concept.

Less Stress

Expand your target group and offer the innovative "Less Stress" laser treatment in your facility! Just as the FACILITAS laser therapy helps people stop smoking, Less Stress uses the efficacy of acupuncture in combination with a laser technique that is also made in Germany. By stimulating defined energy points on the ear, the forehead and the hands, the vegetative nervous system is calmed and endorphins are released. The customer experiences deep relaxation that lasts for several days and significantly minimizes feelings of stress.

Weight Control

Add an additional stream of revenue with our Weight Control treatment which provides unique diet support through metabolic stimulation, offering your customers an innovative form of help in losing weight. Through the laser stimulation of certain ear acupuncture points, the Weight Control treatment stimulates the metabolism and increases the basal energy metabolism of the body at rest. The result: the body burns more calories with the same energy consumption. Losing weight is a positive consequence!

Like all therapy offerings from FACILITAS Healthcare, the Less Stress and Weight Control treatments are absolutely pain- and side effect-free, and include a consultation with each client prior to and after treatment.

An extensive marketing package and full training for both our Less Stress and Weight Control services is offered in conjunction with marketing and training for our Smoking Cessation treatment.

Our "All-Rounder" Tea

Together with the renowned tea dealer Alveus®, we have put together a tea blend that perfectly rounds off FACILITAS treatments and helps our clients achieve their treatment goals. The tea can be branded for a franchisee's location and used as an add-on sale or a complimentary treat.

"In search of an innovative and future-oriented business concept, you succeeded in finding us. If you want a strong and reliable business partner that offers a complete but flexible concept which also bundles the synergies of a network, FACILITAS could be right for you. I look forward to hearing from you" - Ken Buschmann, FACILITAS Head of Franchising

Request information to learn more about the FACILITAS franchise opportunity.

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