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Happy Cash

The booming opportunity

Specialists in the purchase/sale of used goods, HAPPY CASH franchising currently has 74 stores. Their current steady and controlled growth will enable them to establish a minimum of 10 to 15 new locations in 2016.

This franchise specialises in cash purchases and realised a turnover of $45.3million in 2015 and employs 400 people (employees and franchisees).

Since 2002, unlike its competitors, HAPPY CASH opened small and medium stores in
medium size towns and downtown areas. With this experience, the company has identified
and strengthened a unique concept with the potential for more than 200 units in France.

The openings made by this concept demonstrates a rapid profitability and tremendous customer expectations for such stores. It is these concepts, "City" and "Medium", that are available for new franchise partners for several years. They optimize available budgets. To maintain its competitive edge, HAPPY CASH is seeking new partners and prospective franchisees. The franchisor's goal in the next 4 years is to open sixty stores. The development potential of the Happy Cash business in catchment areas from 50 000 inhabitants is about 200 stores throughout the country.

3 commitments of HAPPY CASH:

● The good health of its stores will always be the priority.
● Develop franchisees in the field.
● Pilot sites test and validate new ideas.

The advantages of this franchise

1. An original concept validated
● Small and medium areas nearby,
● Stores in mediumsized cities (1525 000 inhabitants with catchment areas from 50 000 inh),
● The opening of own stores before launching the franchise,
● The sale of extended warranties,
● An intake starting from € 50,000 for real profitability,
● Central purchasing and specific software to better manage group purchases,
● A new method of purchase based on the expertise of the franchisor,
● Smaller teams for streamlined staff management.

2. Exclusivity in this market
● A key store in hand with our partner ACTEC (design and store layout)
● Participation in the network life through the central purchases,
● Low entry fees of €15 000 (not including tax), because the brand looks to the long
● Shared administrative assistance possible,
● A store website and a retail website.

3. Franchisee support
● Continuous staff training and specific and customized training for store managers,
● Visits / frequent training for accurate performance management,
● One of the most comprehensive software packages on the market (personnel
management, customer service, accountant, etc.),
● A comparison intranet site sales open to all partners,
● Assistance in purchasing decisions (database of products purchased and sold on the
site of your choice).

Values and mindset :  Save a child with Happy Cash and give a second life to your unwanted items!

For over 15 years, The Chain of Hope allows seriously ill children from poor countries to be treated and head back to school. To date, nearly 9,000 children were rescued and 20,000 have benefited from the sponsorship. The Happy Cash franchise offers customers (second hand items sellers) the ability to give all or part of the profit of their sale to the Chain of Hope; the franchisor will abound 5% the amount of donations made by its sellers.

Do you have the right profile to become a HAPPY CASH franchisee?

The brand search for women and men traders who are curious, dynamic and motivated by this occupation, and who have the network spirit. Good technical knowledge in key market sectors (IT, music, telephone, multimedia, hifi ...) or experience in retail are additional assets. The economic model of Happy Cash also interests investors who want to quickly open multiple locations.

The franchise candidates may present as a couple. The ideal profile of the Happy Cash
franchisee is the department manager from a large distribution or technical salesperson in high tech products. However, this is not an exclusive condition, product passion and
business sense are also sought after assets.

"Since the establishment of the brand in 2002, our philosophy has not changed: to share
every success, seamlessly, to progress together faster over the years, we have refined our strategy and put in place tools and innovative services. We have our own stores. This is the assurance to our partners that our ideas will be tested and validated on our pilot sites and that we will remain in contact with reality in the field. With a quick but reasonable development, we built a credible, stable network in a progressing market. We invite you to discover our values, our organization and our belief that together, we can share our ambitions."

Pascal Lebert, Network Director Happy Cash

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