Flash franchise project is going full speed ahead

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It’s been a successful year for the newly born Flash franchise project. The project that started with just nine people in 2019 has defied all expectations and is now a growing network of 13 franchise Units, spreading across four different countries, employing a total of 35 people working hard day in day out to develop the Flash brand.

There are many contributing reasons behind the roaring success of the Flash Europe franchise project so far. We’ve handpicked a few reasons why we believe it’s growing so fast.

It has become clear that investors and transport company owners have started to recognize the potential of developing premium freight services under the Flash Brand. An example of this recognition is the most recent partnership between Flash and Cargo Sped in Bulgaria. The on-demand transportation industry in general is outgrowing other more conventional transportation sectors. And in particular, GDP growth figures in Bulgaria are above EU average.

In addition to the growing market, the Flash Brand is simply a well-recognized name. This makes it easier for Franchise-investors to develop customers and partners locally and benefit from using the brand of the European market leader.

2019 was a Proof of Concept year for Flash to go to market and test and improve its Franchise idea. For 2020, the goal is to continue to develop and industrialize the approach. Flash envisions by the end of 2020 that about 25 units will be built.
As for the benefits for end customers, the development of new franchises means they can expect a higher standard of service. Flash has a broader local presence which enables the company to achieve much faster pick-up response times. Also, the professional and carefully selected franchise partners can approach local customers and offer them bespoke freight solutions.


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