Interview with Onur Atacan, Flash Europe Unit Franchisee for the Territory Ankara, Turkey

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Question - What is your background?
Over the past 15 years, I have been working in many functions in the food sector (distribution), partly employed and partly as owner running my own business. I even had my own food stores. Originally, I am a professional veterinarian.

The food sector is a very interesting and challenging business in Turkey, but after so many years in this sector, I was looking for a new challenge. Flash Europe just came to me at the right moment in time.

Question – How did you get in contact with Flash?
This is a rather peculiar story. In fact, it was my wife who drew my attention to this Franchise opportunity. She is managing partner of the FranchiseCompany, who currently supports Flash Europe in recruiting Unit Franchisees for other Territories. Turkey has been divided into more than 25 Unit Territories, at the moment four Territories are active (Istanbul, Bursa, Tekirdag, Ankara). After meeting the Master Franchisee Hakan Ertemel, I was fully convinced this was a unique opportunity I had to go for.

Question – Why have you decided to become part of the Flash Europe Franchise Network?
For me it was obvious that the premium freight services Flash offers all across Europe can be of great added value to the Ankara region. Instead of paying high airfreight rates, customers need to be aware of the alternatives we can offer through fast and dedicated road solutions. This really saves them money, with lead times being pretty close to airfreight (door-to-door). Many customers are just not aware of this alternative and it is my mission to inform and convince them. Due to my previous activities I have a large network of business contacts in the Ankara region. So, it is really the combination of the Group’s support, systems and vehicles on the one hand, and my regional network on the other that will make this into a success.
Question – What did you do to prepare your decision?

Due to my previous activities in the food distribution, I was familiar with transport. But not with the specifics of premium freight. Thus, I decided to join a driver, we did a shipment from Ankara to Ulm in Germany. This was a helpful experience, because you get a good idea what problems the drivers are being faced with: customs, communication with Flash, Easy2Trace (the app Flash developed for communication and track & trace), issues the driver is facing at loading and delivery address etc.

Question - How have you been support by the Franchisor and Master Franchisee
My main counterpart of course is the Master Franchisee. Hakan Ertemel has been highly supportive from the very beginning: training on site in the Istanbul office, joint customer visits, guidance in my office. Also, the e-learning platform of Flash – GeniusAcademy – helped to understand processes and systems.

Flash as Franchisor is never far away and always willing to help. Quite recently, I was invited to the first Annual Franchise event, organized by Flash: a great opportunity to meet other franchisees of the network and exchange views and experiences.


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