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Flash Europe is Proud to Start its Franchise Programme

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It has already its first Master Franchisee in Turkey and the first two territory units sold. The goal is to further expand the network of carriers and partners across Turkey and Europe, with the support of ambitious entrepreneurs.

In the supply chain market, counting on international and trustworthy business partners is an asset. Competitive pressure and growing expectations from the customers have led more and more companies to minimise stock and produce on-demand. This is why supply chain management and premium shipments are becoming a key factor for every company.

In this fragmented but growing market all over the world, Premium freight improves the resilience of the whole supply chain.Industry and Retail giants are increasingly relying on Premium Freight companies to keep their production line running and to keep control over their stock. International groups expect a certain level of standards and favour global solutions.

They want partners that adapt to their processes and understand their priorities. It’s not only about delivery. It is about adjusting to the customer and making the shipment process as clear as possible. Nowadays, this is what Retail and Industry giants are looking for, global players that can comply with the new priorities.

In order to adapt to these new trends in the supply chain market, Flash has sharpened its expertise and created a worldwide network with offices in over 18 countries. Flash tech tools have been designed thinking about its customers and carriers, to let them control and facilitate the shipment process.

By keeping customers and suppliers at the heart of its strategy, Flash has structured a successful operating model. And this model made 480 000 deliveries driving with more than 300 000 000 kms possible in 2018. Through its experience and its digital know-how, Flash has become the European leader of Premium Freight.

Flash expansion is based on the creation of offices in selected areas of the market. Now it is now going to be strengthened on a wider level thanks to its franchise program. To grow stronger, we need to find locally the right partners: trustworthy people who are passionate about logistics.

Signing our license agreement, our Master Franchisee will sit in the driver-seat. They will be able to find, contract, train and develop Single Unit Franchisees using the proven business model of Flash in their own country.

The franchise network is on the first stages of its building process in Turkey with a new Master Franchisee who already bought two franchise units. Flash aims to further expand the network there and in other European countries.

“I’m quite confident taking on this new challenge as an entrepreneur. There is a growing market for Premium Freight and I have the support of the European market leader .” – Hakan Etermel, Master Franchisee for the Turkish Market since January 2019.


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