Interview with Leonora Bullock

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Having recently exited from her venture, Leonora, never one to be idle, found herself on the look-out for a new challenge. She came upon Kylla. Initially her thoughts were: “Perhaps this was not for me” but her mind was soon changed.

Interview conducted by Michael Marabini

Why did you initially think that it was not for you? Whilst I have a strong background in successfully starting and operating businesses and a background in accounting, I never really considered myself to be a corporate transactions advisory type.

So, what made you change your mind?

Well, maybe it’s best to start by explaining that my first experience; getting in touch with Kylla, was very positive. I had a first call with the Managing Partner, and I was given a very clear idea of what was expected of me in the short-, medium-, and long term, what training I would receive and how we would continue to get me up to speed. Very quickly, and as a result of this open and frank discussion, I realised that I had all the core competencies needed to do what was being asked of me. More importantly it was clear that wherever I might have a gap in my knowledge, the diverse and experienced team at Kylla would be there to provide back-up.

And how have things gone since that first call?

It’s been great. The team has been supportive. I have been given full IT- and administrative support, delegated tasks, provided with training on our systems and put to work on our existing clients and have been provided with help on attracting new clients.

The culture is inclusive, and everyone works hard to bring me into the fold. That’s critically important during the current times, where business is often conducted remotely.

In that respect, Kylla is super!

Ok so now that you are fully on board and ready to go, what’s next?

Yes, so it’s still early days, but as you know I come out of the hospitality sector. I’m not focusing exclusively on deals and opportunities in that sector, but because of my experience I naturally gravitate there. I am keenly aware of what is needed and where the opportunities are. There are plenty of owners and operators in need of support, financial and otherwise. So, it’s an exciting time to get stuck-in and start solving problems.

At the end of the day, it’s up to me to make a success of this, I have been given all the tools I need and now I can use that to leverage my knowledge.

Any parting advice for people reading this article, who may be considering Kylla?

I’d rather leave them with an inspirational quote: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t — you’re right.” –Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company Founder.


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