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Maternity break made simple with SmartPA!

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Hannah Cann

At SmartPA our primary focus is the support of our Partners whatever the circumstances and we make all the provisions necessary for just this eventuality. Here’s what Hannah had to say:

‘The process to invoke the break clause, for my maternity leave, was quick and efficient, only having to send an email and signed letter confirming that I wished to do so. I informed Head Office of the client that I had and what tasks would need to be carried out for them and they very promptly found a suitable partner who would be willing to cover my client. I had a brief handover period with this partner and then it was brilliant that I was able to take a break to concentrate on my daughter, without having to think about work. In advance of when I was ready to return to my business I emailed Head Office to cancel the break clause, which again was quick and easy. Just before my return, I had a handover call with the partner managing my client and the transition of my client back to me was done smoothly. Being able to hand my client over to Head Office for management was hugely beneficial, as this meant that I didn’t lose them, I knew they would be in safe hands. Overall, my experience of the break process was very positive and invaluable so that I could focus on my family.’


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