The personnel office of the canton of Solothurn is digitizing its knowledge with WISDOM

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Initial situation

The canton of Solothurn was looking for a knowledge management software to digitize the knowledge within the personnel office of the canton. The goal was to make knowledge available online in the form of thematically arranged articles for all employees. They should be able to use the content easily within one knowledge database.

Other important requirements included an easy integration of the knowledge database into the cantonal website, the evaluation of articles by users for quality assurance, and an improvement of the internal communication.

About the Solution

Thanks to the positive reputation of zehnplus and our knowledge database, the canton of Solothurn chose our WISDOM Knowledge Management Platform. Several national and international companies, organizations and authorities have chosen zehnplus as a partner in the field of knowledge management and online support before.

The solution from zehnplus is efficient and has been proven on the market. The software was developed in a challenging environment, together with Sunrise and XING, with the goal to share information with employees as fast as possible. It was important to make it user-friendly with a high level of quality as well. Since a variety of customers use the knowledge database, they have different requests, which leads to new features. This means that the software is continuously optimized.

With zehnplus, customers do not only receive software, but also our expertise for the content structure and processes surrounding successful knowledge management and digital customer support.

The functions of the WISDOM Knowledge Management Platform

  • Information access for groups: The knowledge database can be used both internally and externally via the website. Internally, further restrictions of the content to certain groups and departments are possible.
  • Relevance of the content: The energy level of all articles of the knowledge database dynamically influences the positioning in category lists or search results. It changes and optimizes depending on user behavior. This means that the most relevant answers are given the highest importance, and users can access them quickly.
  • Easy content management: In addition to normal content, many additional elements (e.g. videos, images or any other type of attachments) can be built in. This makes instructions structured and clear. Content managers can easily create new articles and make them publicly accessible.
  • Automatic synchronization: All canton employees are registered as users in the system.
  • The user data is automatically synchronized and added in the event of changes.
  • Security check: The security of the system has been checked by an external IT security company, and updates are regularly imported into the company.
  • Integration of the software: Little effort is needed to integrate the knowledge database into the existing website. The user experience is correspondingly high.
  • User feedback: Users can rate content and provide feedback. This helps those responsible to maintain the quality of the content and to improve it. In addition, internal users are able to comment on articles, which facilitates and supports internal communication.
  • Dynamic content container: Content managers can generate a specific selection of articles from one or more categories. This selection of articles can be integrated as a dynamic article container. In this way, a dynamic content container can be integrated directly on a content page of the website, and the items with the currently highest energy level are always shown.
  • Smart search mechanisms: Smart search mechanisms such as auto-complete, auto-suggest or synonyms provide an optimal user experience. The results are dynamically sorted according to the relevance based on user behavior. After the search, the results can be filtered based on the categories.
  • Further optimization: Meta descriptions and image titles, clean markup, fast response times, clean URLs

zehnplus implemented the project in the desired time and with the usual high quality. The knowledge database is used internally in the canton of Solothurn first. Then, the content is also made available to the population via the website integration. At the moment, the canton is testing the use of the platform for other offices.

Quote from the canton of Solothurn:

From the product presentation to the conceptual design to the implementation, zehnplus provided a consistently pleasant user experience. Our needs were precisely identified and realized within a reasonable timeframe. Thank you very much!

Steve Käsermann, Project Manager Knowledge Database Personnel Office of the canton of



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