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Q. Can I get both the programming and mathematics franchises for the same school?

A. Algorithmics offers two different franchises: the programming school and the mathematics school. Our partners are free to choose which kind of school to start. They may also invest in both franchises, launching schools for programming and mathematics.

Q . Algorithmics has seen amazing growth since its 2016 launch; what does the brand do to appeal to consumers in a highly competitive market?

A. The EdTech market is growing and developing remarkably quickly. Market volumes are growing every year, and this is only the beginning. Today everyone is thinking about the importance of education and the necessity of continuous learning in a rapidly changing world. The IT professions are becoming increasingly relevant, and programming the new lingua franca – an indispensable skill for the future. Furthermore, we teach skills that go beyond coding and mathematics: creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, design, algorithmic thinking, and self-presentation. These competencies will become the basis of the children's future success because, in today's world, soft skills are becoming more important than hard skills. We can't say which professions will be relevant ten years from now, but we can predict that the IT sector will grow and that soft skills will be essential for everyone. We understand this, parents around the world understand this, and our franchisee partners understand this. That is the reason why our market niche is in such high demand. And we will continue to scale and grow along with it.

When it comes to our product, there are several factors that we believe make us competitive.

  • We produce high-quality educational content for our students. Our team has more than 80 methodologists, and we have created a unique educational framework. It is not a common approach in the market, and parents appreciate this in our school.
  • Our learning platform is a storehouse of educational materials. There, children can code and create games, cartoons, and applications. In addition to its primary purposes, the platform also allows you to control the progress of the group, manage students' success, and monitor the work of teachers. We work with the data provided by the platform and immediately see how the learning process is going and what improvements need to be made.
  • Our success in the educational franchise market comes from a clear, step-by-step description of all business processes and automation. These allow us to sustain our growth and remain agile.
  • Each of our franchisee partners has a personal account manager. We guide each partner and lead them through all the stages of business development.
  • We should also mention a quick return of investments for the partner. A transparent business model allows our partners to pay off their initial investments in 18 months.

Q. What does Algorithmics do to engage students?

A. We have a strong team of methodologists that takes into account the age characteristics of children when designing each lesson. They purposefully develop lessons to have the maximum possible interactive elements. We do our best to provide exciting content for all our courses.

We try to work with the motivation of our students because we believe that there is no high-quality education without motivation. We think about what children are interested in and make our content engaging.

Also, our platform makes it possible to differentiate the content based on the child's level. If they are ahead of the current program, they will receive more complex tasks and projects. If instead, they are somewhat behind, they'll get additional hints, or they can review the subject and tasks. This is another reason why children aren't bored during our classes, nor do they lose their motivation.

Finally, we use a problem-based learning approach. It means that the child has a clear understanding of why they are learning a new concept – to solve a specific problem that we identified at the beginning of the lesson. This way, the child sees the value of their education.

Q. What are the unique benefits of being an Algorithmics franchisee/master franchisee?

A. There are so many!

  • Starting a business in a fast-growing field, which means great opportunities for extension and scaling.
  • An opportunity to work with high-quality methodology and exciting content.
  • An active community of franchisees where the partners share their experiences and continuously learn from each other.
  • The partner training system. We continuously hold webinars and offer training for partners.
  • A personal account manager who is always ready to help.
  • A ready-to-use business model.

Q. What makes operating an education franchise unique compared to running a franchise business in a different sector, such as fitness or hospitality?

A. We are lucky: we have a socially positive business. That means, besides profit, the businessperson also makes a positive social impact. We feel like we're doing something great and noble that can improve the educational system in general.

Where execution is concerned, with an educational franchise, it is more challenging to maintain quality, and thus it is typically harder to grow. However, Algorithmics has found a workaround for this problem: we distribute not only information but the software (our IT-platform) that, besides containing the lesson materials, also allows for quality control based on the data we gather.


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