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12 New Studios for Orangetheory Fitness!

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One of the key features of Orangetheory Fitness is the way the brand utilises group interval training, a fitness trend that has become increasingly popular. Elie Medina, General Manager for Orangetheory Fitness Australia, believes that this time of training is popular and effective, and very appealing to modern consumers. "In today’s fast-paced environment we are all increasingly time poor, and we're seeking the most efficient and effective way to incorporate fitness into our busy schedules. This style of training offers maximum results with minimal time, catering for everyone from executives through to stay-at-home parents. It takes the guesswork and hassle out of training so people can make fitness an effortless part of their regular routine."

Orangetheory workouts are specifically designed so that gym-users train at the optimum level to burn the maximum amount of calories, during the session itself and for up to 36 hours afterwards, long after they leave the gym.

"We’ve taken the fun and motivation of a group training session and combined this with the scientific evidence behind training based on heart rate," says Medina. "The result is a smarter workout driven by results that ensures participants gain the most from a one-hour session. We’ve had a great response to the brand in Australia with eight studios open and a further 12 locations set to open by the end of this year. We are a global brand with more than 900 studios worldwide."

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