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Bagel Corner Celebrate a Hugely Successful Year

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2018 was another year of success and achievements for Bagel Corner. Bagel Corner has now been successfully franchising for four years and continues its record of expansion, profitability and customer satisfaction.

As a unique quick service restaurant opportunity, Bagel Corner is swiftly growing as an internationally-recognised brand and is now looking to expand further throughout the world. Bagel Corner is looking to enter the UK market and aims to have opened 100 restaurants by 2022. Other countries that are pinpointed for expansion include the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands.

Fundraising has been a key source of success for Bagel Corner in the last year and has enabled this ambitious plan for expansion. As explained by a founding partner of the business, Gregory Clement, “The objective of this new fundraising is to finance the creation of a training centre, new units of its own, the structuring of France teams and export development. We had several offers of financial partners, but we preferred to move forward with the investors who trusted us from the start."

Bagel Corner is looking for the perfect candidates to take on responsibility for its master franchise licences in new territories. Master franchisee for Belgium, Marc Hostyn currently plans to open over 30 units in Belgium and Luxembourg, so there is every expectation that the successes of last year will be repeated and grown in 2019!


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