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Cavavin February News

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1: Inauguration of Cavavin Logistic Platform and Headquarters

CAVAVIN officially inaugurated its new headquarters and its new logistic platform with its 150 franchisees, 150 suppliers, its economic partners and the local and regional elected representatives on the 22nd of October 2018. CAVAVIN has invested €4.5 million to give itself the means of its development and to consolidate its service level to its franchisees.

2: CAVAVIN Annual Congress

CAVAVIN has gathered its franchisees and suppliers for its annual congress on the 21st of October 2018.
Usually located in a wine-making region, CAVAVIN has exceptionally organised the congress at La Baule to inaugurate its headquarters and its logistic platform the day after the annual congress. French and international Franchisees met the 150 winegrowers to exchange on their ranges, to select new ranges for their wine shop. The annual congress is always a nice opportunity to share between franchisees, to share the next year action plan explained by the franchisor management teams and to have a nice diner and spectacle.

3: CAVAVIN at London British & International Franchise Exhibition

Cavavin thanks all the investors met @ London British & international franchise exhibition for showing an interest in our Wine Shop franchise business opportunity. We have really appreciated our discussions!
“Rendez-vous” at Birmingham in October.

4: CAVAVIN Spirit Congress

Cavavin is preparing its spirit congress with its spirit suppliers and its franchisees. It is always a meeting to share the new trends and to select new spirits. The event takes place beginning of March on a traditional Parisian boat near the Eiffel Tower. After the tastings a diner on the Seine allows each one to discover or re discover Paris and to share between franchisees, suppliers and franchisor. The day after an experience around spirits is always organised. This year an aromatic experience around typical spirits is an occasion to reinforce the expression of each one feelings during tastings.


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