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CAVAVIN has brought together its franchisees and winegrowers’ partners for its 23th congress in Reims.

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Each franchisee can thus select his ranges, discover and rediscover exclusive wines and spirits. Each wine merchant can also share with the winemakers the secrets of each bottle and transmit beautiful emotions to his customers.

The plenary, the gala evening at the cabaret of Reims and visits to champagne estates (Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot and Baron Albert) have also led to beautiful exchanges between franchisor franchisees and winegrowers.

Emphasis was placed on customer experiences in the wine shops and on sustainable development (organic wines, vegan and High Environmental Value as well as sustainable development approaches of the franchisor).

All the franchisees who joined CAVAVIN this year were delighted to meet the winemakers and their colleagues from other cities in a family spirit.

The secret of the brand is based in particular on the freedom left to each franchisee on the selection of the range among 2000 authentic references and on the excellent value for money of the range.

Every franchisee can even complete his ranges with wines and spirits from outside the group selection. Each franchisee has a very effective concept that allows him to express his business sense in BtoC and BtoB.

Appointments are made for the March Spirit Congress and for the next Annual Congress to celebrate CAVAVIN's 35th Anniversary!!!


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