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The Popularity of the Quetzal Franchise Concept

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Quetzal has recently opened its twelfth location. The brand is now firmly established in three countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Quetzal is working with master franchisees for Germany and the Netherlands.

Quetzal is, by now, a very clearly proven concept, and it is highly profitable for its single-unit franchisees. Although the concept is still relatively young it has been swiftly developed in a short space of time. The Quetzal model is ideal for cities with a large student population and/or many tourists.

Quetzal, The Chocolate Bar is still looking for more master franchisees in countries such as the UK, the Nordic countries, Spain and others.

This unique concept offers master franchisees the opportunity to bring a new formula into the market. Research indicates that customers are looking for new experiences and this makes Quetzal the perfect fit.

A customer who enters one of the Quetzal chocolate bars is immediately drawn into a unique experience that can satisfy even the most demanding chocolate lover.

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