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DepilConcept Reveals Why It Chose the Master Franchise Route

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We believe that a Master Franchise is the fastest way to expand the business and generate profits. Master Franchisees are not simply investors who are waiting for the profits, buy the partners who get associated with the fully developed business model and brand and become engaged in the operations receiving our accumulated knowledge and support.

There is no need to hide that initial master licence fees increase the initial costs of the investment, but once the master franchise agreement is signed, the growth potential is higher for both parties: compared to individual business development and for us, as the Franchisor, compared to the opening single franchised clinics. Besides having a good margin when selling franchise to other entrepreneurs, Master Franchisees keep earning income from monthly royalties, as well as from products distribution.

Expansion through Master Franchise enabled DepilConcept to find enthusiastic businessmen who wisely guarantee the brand growth in the local markets that can be hardly achieved from far away, from Portugal, as the success demands local networking and knowledge.

Master Licensing allows DepilConcept to enter different markets giving more control in relation to brand and sales operations in general, as well as allows to maintain the quality that the brand is identified with.

And finally, some statistics: 85% of franchising companies survive after 5 years of operation. And without franchising by this time only 15% remain alive. The higher survival rate of franchised companies can be explained. You are not in business on your own. You have your partners, and they have you. You help each other and together earn more than separately.

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