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SuperGreen Solutions® Continues Expansion in Canada

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SuperGreen Solutions® is proud to welcome Roger Cedro of Ontario, Canada as the newest master franchisee to join its network. Recognized as the world's premier sustainability advisors, SuperGreen Solutions (SGS), helps businesses lower costs and drive revenues through green initiatives. The brand is a member of United Franchise Group, which has more than 1,600 franchises in 80 countries.

"It's a great pleasure to lead the expansion of SuperGreen Solutions in Ontario," said Cedro. "In the endeavour, I can use my experience and sustainability mindset to help local businesses in Ontario to reduce cost and improve their revenue through sustainable solutions. I am also very happy to help other entrepreneurs to start their businesses with a sustainability franchise."

With a background in mechanical engineering and MBAs in Production & Logistics Management and Lean Manufacturing, Cedro has vast knowledge and experience that he brings to the brand. Most recently, his experience was with Lean Manufacturing focusing on reducing waste and increasing productivity on industrial environment producing wind turbines. "While manufacturing products that generate electricity from renewable energy, I realized how gratifying it is to be in a business that is concerned about the environment and the future generations," Cedro adds.

SuperGreen Solutions now has master license partners in three regions across Canada. In addition to Ontario, the brand has a presence in The Maritimes and Western Canada. Cedro and his team have set lofty goals to secure 10-15 franchisees across Ontario in the next few years. Additionally, his team plans to expand into the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and cities like Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Niagara, Kitchener and Windsor to name a few.


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