Eazi-Apps 2019 Recap

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As we have now well and truly entered 2020, Eazi-Apps look back at the success they achieved over the past 12 months.

It would be difficult for Eazi-Apps to not be happy with the growth and expansion they have obtained, however a humble Zakir Daud said ‘We are delighted with our accomplishments and have exceeded multiple short term and long term goals throughout 2019 which has poised us for an even bigger 2020’.

For those of you who have tracked Eazi-Apps success for some time now, you will already be aware of their recognition in 2019 with Eazi-Apps bringing home many prestigious awards including;

  • SME National Business Awards – Silver Winner – Business and Innovation
  • UK Business Awards (The Dons) – Silver Award – Best SME Product
  • Stevies 2019 – Silver Award – Company of the Year – Computer Software – Small
  • Golden Bridge Awards – Gold Award – Business and Innovation
  • FSB – Area Finalist – Business & Product Innovation Award

However, 2019 did not come without its challenges for Eazi apps. With premises expansion at their headquarters in England and an ever growing team of support agents, trainers, mentors and graphic designers, Eazi-Apps have had their work cut out to train all new employees to their company-wide professional standard.

As you can see 2019 has once again been a very successful year for Eazi-Apps. From awards and expansion, through to new products and further developed services, Eazi-Apps have shown their strong foundations in the tech industry combined with constant innovation have enabled them to lead the way in mobile apps.


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