Eazi-Apps commit to supporting remote and flexible business owners, even post lockdown!

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More often than not, it isn’t the important tasks that get in the way of our true potential, but the less important, menial tasks, like commuting, having lunch, and organising with a team of people. Whilst we hurry into 2021 and say goodbye to many of the unwanted restrictions that the past year has placed on our lives, there are no doubt some things business owners won’t want to leave behind.

Eazi-Apps are committed to not only supporting business owners in running profitable businesses but also, committed to providing flexible and tailored guidance. In order to be flexible, the company have had to ensure that it can provide all the necessary infrastructure required to run a business entirely from home, and can now proudly say that over 90% of the network are comfortably operating without the need to go an office, or be restricted to one location. This means that they support businesses that operate at home, on the move, or out of a traditional office.

Not only are the Eazi-Apps partners able to save time and money because of this flexibility, but it also means that prioritising a good quality of life, becomes just as easy as prioritising the business’ output. South African partner Hamza, shares some thoughts on his experience as an Eazi-Apps partner below:

“Having and operating an Eazi-Apps licence has been a blessing. In enabling me to have my office anywhere I want, I can take in the great outdoors if I choose to, I can work from home and spend time with my family or I could sit at my favourite coffee shop and build my customers top of the line apps. Especially in these times, where going to an office may be less viable than working from home, Eazi-Apps has given me all the tools I need to run a flourishing technology business from the comfort of my home desk.” – Hamza Jussab, Eazi-Apps Partner.


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