Eazi-Apps provides competitive solution with push notifications

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Push notifications have become an essential part of any successful businesses marketing plan. Eazi-Apps award winning app technology allows a local business to utilise this exciting feature to help engage with their customers.

Push notifications can provide a local business with the opportunity to retain customers, personalise messages, information can be provided in real time and they statistically have higher open rates than email.

According to moengage.com;

  • App users who subscribe to push notifications result in the doubling of retention rates, with app engagement rate touching 88%
  • App users show retention rates as high as 190% when they receive one or more push notifications within the first 90 days of using the app
  • Push notifications appear to be outweighing email marketing by delivering better results. When compared, push notification campaigns observe opening rates increase by 50%, click rate by 7 times, and retention rates by 93%
  • 70% of app users find push notifications to be extremely useful, and for this reason, 53% of these users are willing to share details, such as their location.

Contact the Eazi-Apps team today to find out more information. Eazi-Apps are ready to work with you to create a highly successful mobile app business.


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