“M” is for Mobile!

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E-Commerce simply refers to the act of buying and selling goods via the internet and is qualified by the transfer and settlement of money, in order to complete the sale. E-Commerce is a rapidly growing industry due to swiftly changing consumer behaviours which have no doubt been influence by world events during the past 18 months. Whilst there is still an opportunity for entrepreneurs to form businesses within the E-Commerce space, as with any growth industry that has reached a certain level of maturity, the need for a middle man has dissolved with time gone by. There are fantastically easy to use services available for business owners to handle their E-Commerce solutions, and web developers now have to arm themselves with slightly more than a simple web store, in order to attract new business.

Well, what about M-Commerce? M-Commerce is defined in the same way as E-Commerce, aside from the crucial difference in that M-Commerce is carried out on wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. The multi-faceted causality that has lead to the rise and rise of E-Commerce is spearheaded by two main consumer considerations: money, and convenience. Consumers want access to better goods and services, at lower costs, and want to be able to access them with ease. In the same that E-Commerce enabled businesses to capitalise on these basic consumer behavioral patterns, M-Commerce is simply the next step that businesses are taking in order to remain competitive.

“M-commerce has the potential to become a major channel for shopping and to change consumer shopping habits. Consumers are reliant on digital devices now more than ever, and Insider Intelligence predicts that mobile will inch closer to becoming consumers' preferred channel for online shopping within the next five years.” – Business Insider

Eazi-Apps have been acutely aware of this rapid growth market for the last 8 years have been putting in the work to ensure that their network is poised to reap the rewards as the industry grows. Events like the 2020 pandemic are moments that force businesses to consider the survivability of their operation and implement the necessary structures to improve upon this. Mobile Apps are the perfect solution to this problem. The Eazi-Apps network has produced thousands of mobile apps that are used by businesses every day. Not only do these Apps ensure that goods and services can be sold to customers who’d prefer to avoid the busy shopping centres, but they also help business owners optimise everyday tasks like booking appointments and handling food orders.

There’s never been a better time to set up a technology business. SMEs are looking for ways to safeguard their businesses from the constantly changing landscape and mobile apps are the perfect way to do this. If you’d like to find out how Eazi-Apps can help you set up your technology business, book a call with the team today.


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