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Impressius Inspires Social Connections with Cutting-Edge Photo Printing Machines

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Used primarily by those who are hosting public or private functions, it can be used at a wide variety of venues to encourage guests to engage with one another while increasing online visibility for company brands in a fun and enjoyable way. Guests can instantly print a photo sticker of their “selfies” and photos by using their smartphone, while simultaneously sharing it across several social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s a “snap, print, share” philosophy that brings people together with unique event-specific hashtags like never seen before.

Whether hosting a wedding, a business meeting, a product launch, a private party or any number of social events; Impressius connects your audience through a rich tapestry of social experiences and beautifully crafted memories that can be shared in an instant. The full size Impressius photo printing machine can be rented on a per event basis or on a monthly basis for long term installations.

How does it work?

  1. Snap: Take a picture on your smartphone.
  2. Print: A branded photo sticker is instantly printed.
  3. Partage: Photos can be shared on the guests’ social media and displayed on a live gallery.

Another recent innovation is the world's first ultra-portable Impressius Mini, which is primed to allow every shop and venue, no matter how small or big, to have their own photo printer connected via Instagram, Facebook, WeChat and other platforms. It is particularly useful for street level guerilla marketing. This exciting new platform can make any social media campaign come alive while at the same time increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Analytics to measure the impact of your campaign

A real-time reporting dashboard shows detailed data such as number of users, reach, impressions and captures personal data such as name, email and demographic information – in compliance with privacy laws. This tool measures the digital ROI and is an accurate indicator of the success of an event online.

Impressius thinks big

Impressius has 20 franchisees spread over 4 continents : Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, USA, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mauritius, Nigeria, UK and France. The franchisor is aiming to have over 30 franchisees by the end of 2018.


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