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Venture X Signs European Flagship at Chiswick Park

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Venture X Signs European Flagship Chiswick Park

Venture X is an American provider of smart, professional office spaces with a distinctive modern design and boutique concierge-style service. The brand has chosen Chiswick Park as the place to open its first UK location as part of its European expansion plan.

The company will be located on the 5th floor of Building 7, joining other UK and European headquarters already operating in the building such as Danone and DaVita International.

Matt Coulson, CEO Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work said: “We are looking forward to welcoming Venture X to Chiswick Park. Their quality of service and community engagement approach is perfectly aligned with our values and we believe that they will be a great fit for our Campus.”

Andrew Ross, Director Venture X UK & Ireland said: “We have carefully chosen to launch in Chiswick Park – not only it is a fantastic, modern & green location, but our members will also be able to enjoy the award-winning activities provided by Enjoy-Work. Venture X offers members a modern workspace community, which is inspiring, diverse, and collaborative. We are more than just shared office space, we provide a space where individuals and businesses can grow and achieve success. Members have a sense of belonging to a fulfilling and rich community, as well as their own sense of identity.”

Chiswick Park is a 1.8 million sq. ft. business campus managed by Estate Management Company Enjoy-Work, which proposes a regular programme of events and concierge services dedicated to over 9,000 workers from 72 companies.


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