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Three New Friking Master Franchises for 2018

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After extending its activity in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Austria and Finland, the Spanish brand of t-shirts, Friking, is betting on new markets and consolidating the existing ones with the recent signature of 3 Master Franchises for Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom.
The consultancy Beexpansion has been the link in these agreements, which are the result of a long selection process and search of candidates.


Having more than 15 stores in the country, the company Azul Sabio, on behalf of Mr. Carlos Santos, has acquired the master franchise for Portugal, being the same owner of 3 own stores. Friking is firmly committed to the project to consolidate the franchise in Portugal, and they have great expectations for the country.


Mr. Thierry Fantino is the new master franchisee of the brand in the country, and will be responsible for the expansion of Friking throughout the territory of Italy. It will take over the existing stores. Currently there are 23 stores open, and it will also consolidate the brand in the country. Establishing its operations centre in Modena, it will open its own store in the city.

  • UK

Mr. Sam Hughes is the new master franchisee in the UK. This agreement will serve as a launch for the franchise from Cádiz. It is an agreement that aims to cause a strong impact throughout the UK with the opening of several pop-up stores and a strong digital strategy. All of this will make Friking consolidate in the English market as it has done in the Portuguese, Italian and of course, the Spanish market.


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