July Franchise News Blog

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July Franchise News Blog
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July was a busy month in the franchising world with more and more businesses deciding that franchising is the best way to expand their reach and increase their brand equity. In the following blog post, we highlight the top new opportunities which are currently available on Franchise Europe and examine the latest news from our top franchises.

If you are interested in starting a franchise, there has never been a better time to do so and, armed with all the latest news, you are bound to find the right fit for your budget, location and area of interest.

New Franchise Opportunities on Franchise Europe

Starting a new franchise offers you a first-to-market advantage in an industry where innovation is key. These top new franchises may be either brand new businesses or well-established businesses which have only recently decided to offer franchising opportunities.

There is a broad range of new franchises for you to choose from, including:

  • E-Blue Gaming – This is one of the largest e-sports gaming centre brands in the world. Join this rapidly growing industry and avail of a highly competitive return on investment.
  • ANVIO VR – The team at ANVIO VR have created one of the best free-roam full-body VR solutions. Find out more about how to open a virtual reality arena with ANVIO.
  • CARSLIFT – Join CARSLIFT a unique motor franchise which specialises in the sale and purchase of new and used cars. Opportunities are currently available in Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • 101CAFFE’ – The 101CAFFE’ franchise is currently offering the opportunity to open a coffee franchise anywhere in Europe. With multiple business models, this is an exciting opportunity to pursue your passion for coffee.

DepilConcept on Choosing the Master Franchise Route

The DepilConcept franchise is an innovative network of beauty clinics which offer the latest treatments in hair removal and phototherapy. With their developed business model, affordable prices and exceptional franchisee support, the success of this opportunity has been no surprise.

DepilConcept is currently offering master franchise opportunities internationally. The reason why DepilConcept has opted to go the master franchisee route is that they believe this is the fastest way to expand this business globally. Also, looking for master franchisees has enabled DepilConcept to find enthusiastic businesspeople with a genuine passion for this business and has helped to create an atmosphere of productivity and support within the wider franchise network.

PANO’s 2019 Annual Convention Success

The PANO network is the largest in Europe for signage and visual communication. With almost 130 agencies located in every continent, this network is continually expanding and offers 30 years of experience and success to prospective franchisees. With licenses available across Europe, this business opportunity represents an incredible opportunity to achieve an exceptional return on investment.

PANO’s 2019 Annual Convention was an enormous success with over 150 participants coming to Aix-En-Provence to celebrate PANO’s 39th birthday. PANO has been serving the visibility of brands for almost 40 years and thanks to their international brand presence and uniquely skilful marketing, it seems likely they will continue doing so for a long time!

To find your perfect franchise, take a look at the wide range of opportunities in our A-Z Directory.


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