The Ultimate Guide to Franchising Marketing

There are literally thousands of marketing guides on the internet.

In addition to A–Z guides for big corporations, there are zippy guides for hip new startups, international guides for multinational corporations, and even primers for small mom and pop shops. By controlling the customer's experience throughout their journey, all of the authors provide comprehensive marketing advice for driving business.

While these guides are certainly useful, franchises often find them frustrating to use. There is no end-to-end, "entire customer journey" when marketing a franchise. It's more of a relay race than a marathon: franchisors and franchisees collaborate to build a brand, but no one person has full control.

Franchising cannot be stuffed into a traditional marketing box. Franchisees and franchisors may often try to follow the A-Z advice and trip over each other in the process. As a result, there is often confusion, bitterness, and conflict.

The below articles will help you set you on the right path to marketing for franchisors and franchisees.
Want to know more about franchise marketing? You’ve come to the right page. Read on for details about the putting together a marketing startegy and help your franchise grow into a successful business.
There are two types of marketing categories which franchisors and franchisees should focus their attention on in order to maximise efforts and get the best possible return on investment.
There are some unique challenges that franchisors and franchisees face in the crazy world of franchise marketing. But what exactly are they?
From social media to email and even pay-per-click, there are dozens of channels to choose from. The biggest question is which are the ones that suit your needs best.
For many companies, local marketing is the last thing on their minds. Therefore, in order to have a competitive edge on the ground, your franchise can develop and implement a local marketing strategy.
Keeping track of how things work isn't the only purpose of measurement. Continual testing and iteration are also required to determine if one thing works better than another.
We've attempted to break down which activities are best left to franchisors and which are better left to franchisees, but there will always be overlap.

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