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The FocalPoint training and resources are great and I have benefited from the mentoring and support system. The materials allow the flexibility to fit any industry and have provided me the platform to develop individuals and companies with a focus on their own values. I enjoy the flexibility and can bring my own experience and strengths to my coaching clients.
Coaches are behind most successful people in the world and FocalPoint coaches lead this field. It has been my privilege to work with Andrew and his team. His attitude, knowledge, skills and dedication have given me immeasurable advantage. Joining FocalPoint has been one of the best decisions in my career. A highlight for me has been the annual FocalPoint conference where I can socialise and network with other coaches from around the world. The speakers are exceptional and the take-aways are invaluable. I learned how to scale my business and carve out more free time. The social events are very enjoyable! I strongly recommend FocalPoint to anyone who is looking for ‘more’ and a better career opportunity.
Stalin López, Algorithmics, Ecuador
Algorithmics has been very professional and business oriented. The company has always provided us with timely and expert support. Our clients genuinely like the project; they consider it crucial that there is this kind of initiative that teaches children programming. The products we have (two courses) are outstanding; our customers enjoy them a lot. The methodology and the educational platform are of excellent quality. We have also had excellent support from Algorithmics. The methodology is perfect for teaching children to code. The only drawback we have is forming groups of a certain age, day, and time to have classes. We will surely be able to overcome this when we prepare better and explain to customers why their children should learn to code for their kids.
Varsha Fleming
I love doing what I’m doing right now. I’m a new mum and…the reason I’m doing that (working) is because it’s convenient and it’s fun. I work when I want, where I want, how I want, and I still have a steady revenue stream coming in.

How To Buy A Franchise

Buying a franchise is a big decision. Doing your research & getting sound advice go a long way to simplify the process. Here's how to do it with Franchise Direct:
Get more information on a business (it's free)
Everything you need to feel comfortable making a decision. Business Listing Information, basic valuation concepts, and to review our available opportunities.
Discuss & negotiate with the broker
Your broker will give you information on the process and the business, and help you draft a contingent offer to buy a business. After any negotiations, you should be left with an executed contingent purchase agreement to buy a business.
Finalise your purchase
After negotiations, you will be left with an executed contingent purchase agreement to buy a business.

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