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Stalin López, Algorithmics, Ecuador
Algorithmics has been very professional and business oriented. The company has always provided us with timely and expert support. Our clients genuinely like the project; they consider it crucial that there is this kind of initiative that teaches children programming. The products we have (two courses) are outstanding; our customers enjoy them a lot. The methodology and the educational platform are of excellent quality. We have also had excellent support from Algorithmics. The methodology is perfect for teaching children to code. The only drawback we have is forming groups of a certain age, day, and time to have classes. We will surely be able to overcome this when we prepare better and explain to customers why their children should learn to code for their kids.
Ashraf Segir, franchisee (Karmiel branch)
For several years I have been looking to actualize my love for education with the desire to integrate into the world of innovation and startups. When I got to know Next Engineers, I realized that this is exactly what I am looking for. After several meetings with the representatives of the Network and senior management, I decided that I was going for it with all my might. Our world is constantly evolving. The educational institutions of tomorrow need to adapt themselves to technological development. I definitely believe that children who are exposed to STEAM professions today, receive significant tools for success in the future. My branch has been operating for several years. Our customers are beyond satisfied and this is very important to me, because it allows working with the customers for many years. I think it is a combination of an excellent program that includes amazing products, rich literature, digital materials and guidance for each subject, and on the other hand - the training that I and my teachers receive from the network is thorough and in-depth. This network does not rest: they keep improving their methods, programs and products all the time and in full transparency with the franchisees in order to lend support, and to solve problems and difficulties. This is a particularly colorful family that supports each other!

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Research & Due Diligence
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Franchise Agreement & Legal Assistance
Seek legal advice from a franchise attorney who specializes in franchise law. They can help you understand the terms of the franchise agreement, provide insights into potential risks, and ensure you are making a sound legal commitment.

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