Read this article to find the answers to a number of popular questions about franchising from 'who owns a franchise?' to 'what is the difference between a franchise opportunity and a business opportunity?'.
by Mia Wallace, March 08, 2019 09:46 AM
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December 08, 2022 04:28 PM
ebsite analytics provide businesses with information about how visitors engage with their websites.
November 08, 2022 01:00 PM
Eazi-Apps provide powerful CRM system to help entrepreneurs thrive
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Your pets are a part of the family. You want the best for them and providing a healthy, and nutritious diet is a key factor in their well-being. Husse stands behind this as the world leader in home delivery of superior pet food and pet goods. Not only does Husse produce its own exclusive product range, our franchisees are empowered as nutrition experts in order to guide their clients and give them a personalized experience. This sets Husse apart in the pet product industry.
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Before becoming a successful Eazi-Apps partner, Peter Barker was an experienced businessman.
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Prior to becoming an Eazi-Apps partner in 2014, Barbara was a graphic designer and marketer.
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Prior to becoming an Eazi-Apps partner in March 2020, Dominic was an IT Services director for a leading Satellite Communications company.
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Michael Taylor has a long track record of leadership excellence in the technology, logistics, energy, and consulting sectors.
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During the 25 years Alan Peck spent in the ophthalmic surgical and medical device business, he managed large sales teams, implemented technologies to streamline processes, and established programs for professional education, practice development, and R&D.
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Howard joined Valenta in 2021 because he saw an opportunity to do what he does best — helping companies improve so they can stay ahead of the curve.
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In May, 2021, Manoj joined Valenta as a Managing Partner, which provides him with the resources and capabilities he needs to customize solutions for his clients.
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Richard’s experience, expertise, and skill set makes him a perfect match for his role at Valenta
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Sugi Gunamijaya had years of experience in many different business sectors before partnering with Valenta and opening his own business.
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Hamadan Mehdi joined Valenta as a franchise owner in August 2019 and has built that initial move into a thriving business with eight clients and 12 staff members in less than a year.

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