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Join Signarama, the #1 franchise in the industry. We'll show you how to succeed!
Join Signarama, one of the top franchises in the sign industry. We will give you the training and support needed to become an excellent Master License Partner with Signarama
Top reasons to become a Signarama franchisee
24/7 Online Stores: Ecommerce model to facilitate 24/7 retail access
B2B Business Model: Encourages volume orders and repeat business
No Experience Necessary: Sign experience not required
Reputable Brand: Most established brand in the sign industry
Signarama Overview

All Signs Point to your Success with Signarama!

Signarama is an industry lead with more than 35 years of experience!

Signarama is more than just a franchise print shop; we’re our clients’ marketing partner of choice. Our customers count on us for a variety of materials such as banners, tradeshow props, storefront signs, digital displays, vehicle graphics, color wrap film and more.

With new technologies like digital printing and digital dynamic signage, Signarama continues to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, paving the way for steady growth and higher profit margins.

Why become a Master License partner with Signarama?

  • Track Record of Success: Nearly 800 stores globally
  • Ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 and #1 in category numerous years in a row
  • 24/7 Online Stores: Ecommerce model to facilitate 24/7 retail access
  • B2B Business Model: Encourages volume orders and repeat business
  • No Experience Necessary: Sign experience not required
  • Longstanding Reputation: More than 35 years of growth & support in sign franchising
  • Reputable Brand: Most established brand in the sign industry

The Signs Point to Your Success

Signarama lets you serve an important need in your community. As businesses are increasingly competing for their customers’ attention, brand recognition and local advertising has become vitally important.

Business owners in the sign industry experience a high level of repeat business. But more than signs and graphics, Signarama provides expertise in messaging, advertising and branding. We have become the brand other businesses turn to, and the scale of our global partnerships allows us to negotiate unparalleled deals with vendors and suppliers.

Elite Training & Ongoing Support

There are many advantages to becoming a Signarama franchisee, and of them is our highly recognized comprehensive training program. We make sure you get off to the right start with all the tools you need to succeed.

Master Franchise Opportunity

We are awarding unique Master Licence opportunities for targeted countries/regions to qualified individuals and companies.

A Master Licence includes the exclusive rights to a country or region. To learn more about this special opportunity or to learn about becoming our Signarama Franchise partner, please contact us below today.

Learn about our exclusive master franchise opportunities!

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Young Ones to Watch: A.J. Titus, President of Signarama

Today, as president of sign and digital printing franchise Signarama, Titus spearheads the growth of the brand throughout the United States and around the world, developing ways to help franchisees grow their business.

How did you get into franchising?

A.J. Titus: My story is a little different—I was born into franchising, and both my grandparents were in franchising. I’ve never known anything other than franchising. I love the industry and can’t imagine doing anything differently.

What do you love about the industry?

Titus: Franchising is a people business. We may all offer different things in different industries, but if you are in franchising, you are in the people business. I love getting to work with people and franchisees all over the world and learn from their different points of views. It has allowed me to really grow and gain more knowledge. It allows you to experience and learn more than you could running a corporate chain.

What makes someone a good fit for the franchise industry?

Titus: Someone who can think on their feet, who cares about people and who wants to get feedback from other opinions. Also, they need to be process-drive —every franchise has a process or a secret sauce that makes it successful. Franchisees should want to follow the established processes. You don’t want someone all over the place.

How do you feel about the industry’s comeback from the pandemic?

Titus: I don’t think franchising as a whole has been impacted one way or another. We were all impacted, but some brands did better than others depending on the industry.

Over the pandemic, Signarama has had some of the best months we’ve ever had, because businesses needed signage, barriers and graphics for pick-up and delivery service.

As long as there are entrepreneurs in the world, franchising isn’t going anywhere. Whether it is a pandemic or a recession, people care about brands, and entrepreneurs want help from franchisors.

Are there challenges or opportunities that the industry still needs to address?

Titus: On a macro-level, the government may not be looking at franchising in the right light. Franchisees are small business owners. In a lot of cases, franchising happens at the local level. Moving forward, that is something Washington needs to keep in mind.

What advice do you have for other young up-and-comers in the space?

Titus: Ask a lot of questions and go meet with franchisees. People are going to judge you because of your age.

They’ll say: “Why should I listen to you? I’ve been in this industry longer than you’ve been alive.” So, you need to show them you care and that no one is going to outwork you. You need to show them that you can work hard and provide value. Figure out what that looks like in the brand that you are in.

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