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BayWa is the leading trading and logistics group in its core businesses – agriculture, building materials and energy. It was first founded in 1923 in Munich Germany. It quickly became a dominant company in its area, due to its steady growth and consistent development of products and services within the BayWa range.

BayWa has nearly 3,000 sales locations across forty countries, including Germany, Austria, France, Poland and the Czech Republic. It used the fruit business to break into New Zealand and this quickly led to further developments in the Americas, Australia and Asia.

Franchise System

BayWa has a franchising system that has proved itself time and time again to work as it continues to see the company expand further into other regions around the globe. The concept has been tried and tested and will ultimately bring many advantages to someone thinking about buying it as a franchise. Benefits will come with belonging to an international brand. The new branch of the franchise will be provided with tools for successful marketing on a local, regional and national level.

The franchisee will be provided with manuals that contain vital support. Foundation courses will train the new members the internal workings of the company. The parent company will also be on hand to give advice.

The stores will only be established if the location and competition in the region meet the requirements. Once given the go ahead, the store will have options as to the type of store and size of the store it will have. Products can also be customised in the store to fit in with local demand and customer's needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility


BayWa recognises that it has responsibilities towards the environment. In an attempt to help the planet, BayWa support the trading of environmental and climate friendly products. As a company it manages the use of its raw materials in an efficient way and trains its employees to be responsible with the management of resources.


BayWa values its workers and wants them to excel and develop. It encourages young people to get involved with the company, and gives them the opportunity to shape their professional future. The company does its best to offer people flexible working hours as well as trying to provide them with opportunities for development and further professional fulfillment.

The BayWa Foundation

Established in 1998, the foundation promotes targeted non-profit education projects in the areas of healthy eating and renewable energies. 100% of the funds raised by the foundation go into the projects as BayWa covers all administration costs. As well as that BayWa doubles every donation that goes into the foundation. Some of the current projects that the foundation is working on include providing educational scholarships to students in Germany and providing primary schools in Bavaria with vegetable beds.


BayWa’s renewable unit has expanded into four more countries in recent times. The countries affected are Poland, France, the Netherlands and Thailand. While BayWa already carry out business there, having more renewable units in the areas will expand the company's capabilities.


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