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The Benetton Group is an Italian Fashion retail chain that accommodates men, women and children. It's unique for its collection of basic colourful clothes that are always in line with recent trends, but still maintain the Benetton style. The first store was opened in 1965 and in 1969 the first store outside of Italy was opened in Paris.

Benetton has a huge network of stores around the globe. The reason The Benetton Group has been so successful, particularly when dealing with the challenges that globalisation brings, is because it is an innovative company geared to change in regards to its business concepts and its fashion styles. In 2014 the company underwent a reorganisation of its structure and formed three different entities of the company where each focused on one area, brands, manufacturing and real estate.

Franchise System

In 1980 the Benetton Group reached the U.S. market, opening a store in New York. Two years later a store was opened in Tokyo. Expansion also took place in Middle Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. By 2005 it had locations in 120 countries with a phenomenal total of 5,000 stores.

With over 50 years of experience the company clearly has quite a knack for establishing new successful stores in different regions. Its franchisees are supported in every way possible to ensure long term success and satisfying profitability.

In 2017 Benetton launched a new franchising system called Franchising 2.0, using its years of experience to create a strategy that would result in even better franchises. It also brought in a new store concept called ‘On Canvas.’ Franchise stores now need to feature this new look where the customer is made to have a shopping experience like no other.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Benetton Group is committed to being Globally Responsible. It recognises that, because it is a huge global company, it has global impacts. It wants to use its worldwide network as an agent for change to improve our social environment as well as our physical natural environment.

The WE Program

The Women Empowerment Program that Benetton launched aims to support women worldwide with a long-term initiative that prioritises their well-being. It focuses on helping women find access to safe employment. It fights for equal opportunities for both men and women. It works so that women can get access to more education. It raises funds to make affordable health care available to all women. It also has made a goal to eliminate violence against women in both public and private sectors by 2030.


The Benetton Group is renowned for its responsible practices and dedication to the environment. It participates in the Greenpeace Detox Program which aims to eliminate all harmful chemicals in production by 2020.

It monitors its logistic system carefully so that it can determine what further ways it can reduce its CO2 emissions.

Benetton takes care when packaging its products and has already made a substantial difference in reducing its use of cardboard. It also only uses 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper bags.

The Benetton Group stand behind solidarity and get involved with charities and initiatives to strengthen communities and improve lives. Some of its campaigns to help communities include Africa Works, Food For Life and Volunteers in Colours.

The Unhate Foundation

This foundation was launched in 2011 with a worldwide communication campaign. The goal of the foundation is to fight the hatred in the world and eliminate non-acceptance of diversity. It launched two important initiatives in 2014. The first was called ‘I belong’ and was an initiative that collaborated with UNHCR to end statelessness by 2024. It also got involved with the ‘End Violence Against Women Now!’ campaign.

In 2012 the foundation launched Un-employee of the Year which aims to address youth unemployment and encourage more people to have confidence in young people.

The Benetton Foundation was founded in 1987 as a means of trying to safeguard and encourage interest in culture and heritage.


In 2015 Benetton was listed on the list of Detox Leaders according to Greenpeace as a result of the company’s commitment to the environment.

In 2016 the company joined up with Stella Jean to create an exclusive collection that merged the creativity of Benetton and Stella Jean together. The collection had the uniqueness of Benetton knitwear while using Stella Jean’s style of mixing Italian fashion with traditional textiles.

2017 saw the Benetton Group gain membership of the International Wool Textile Organisation who is committed to protecting the environment and representing the interests of the wool industry.

During 2017 Benetton also got involved with the UN Population Fund. There is in place a global family planning campaign with the goal of ensuring 120 million more women will get access to contraception by 2020. Benetton, along with others, launched the Power has Choices campaign which aims to raise awareness by carrying out activities and additional practices.

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