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Budget Rent A Car is one of the world’s most established and well known car hire brands. Through the history of the company there have been a number of changes in ownership but it now belongs to the Avis Budget Group Inc. It was founded in 1958 for the ‘budget-minded’ renters, by a man called Morris Mirkin. The goal of the company is to provide outstanding quality and great service. The values of the company include the recognition that profitability fuels growth, taking pride in how the company works as a whole and dedication to making the company a good place to work.

Franchise System

It began franchising in1959 and impressively by 1960 it had developed rapidly both nationally and internationally. Today it offers high quality across 120 countries and 3,000 individual locations.

The company first began just as a small business for renting cars but it soon turned into much more. Mirkin established Budget Rent A Car Corporation, which was a largely franchise-operated company. This began to change in the 1980s, however and Budget started to convert its franchises to company ownership, so today company operated rental shops are the norm. However slowly and steadily franchises are growing once again in the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Budget Rent A Car recognise their responsibility to the communities they are situated in all over the world.

Bringing Communities Together

Budget makes contributions to support important initiatives throughout American communities. They serve the communities they operate in. Donation requests for particular causes or activities can be made on their website.


Budget has the interests of its customers at heart and as a company they listen to their customers and value their needs. In 2009, Avis Budget responds to customer feedback by placing a smoking free policy in its vehicles and which also applied to employees and contractors.


In 2010 Budget was selected with Avis to partner with Quantas Airways to become the Quantas Frequent Flyer’s exclusive car rental partner. This agreement offers members of the Quantas Frequent Flyers preferred pricing on a variety of Avis and Budget model-vehicles. While using Avis and Budget cars, you collect Quantas Frequent Flyer’s points.

Avis Budget Group have very recently signed a deal with Waymo to support their self-driving car program. As part of the deal, Avis Budget Group Inc said that it would provide fleet support and maintenance services including practical things like parking, cleaning and oil changes to Waymo cars.


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