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It was a father’s and son’s dream to come up with the best tastiest cinnabon roll in the world. It took hundreds of trial and errors to perfect it, but they managed it. And so Cinnabon was established. The first store opened in 1985 in Washington and it was an instant success and from there it could do nothing but expand to finally become one of the most widely recognised brands and be the market leader of Cinnabon rolls in America. Cinnabon uses nothing but the best ingredients when producing the cinnabons. Cinnabon is affiliated with Focus Brands as the main franchisor.

Cinnabons were praised for being number one in their category in Entrepreneur’s magazine top 500 between 2014 and 2016. There are now more than 1300 Cinnabon locations in over 50 countries and in each only the finest ingredients are used to make mind blowing cinnabons.

The Franchise System

Cinnabon have a world class franchise system where the new franchisee benefits from a well-recognised brand which people have grown to love. Franchisees are surrounded by a highly qualified educated team that can guide the business towards success. Corporate Support teams are put in place to ensure that the franchisees have everything that they need. The training is thorough. It lasts for ten to twelve days and takes place between the classroom and in the actual bakery. Grand opening support is also provided. Franchisees will be equipped with job aid manuals and training manuals and will be able to contact the franchisor at any point. Regular visits will also take place from a franchise consultant.

Cinnabon has openings in fast growing markets so the opportunities for franchisees are there. Previous experience is not essential however, if you have no restaurant experience, you will be required to complete an internship program. Cinnabon can be customised to fit into almost any environment. From shopping malls to gas stations to university campus’ Cinnabon can work and be successful.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cinnabon have partnered up with The Daisy Foundation because they’re values are similar. Cinnabon believes in the saying ‘serve those who serve others.’ The purpose of The Daisy Foundation is to recognise the exceptional work that nurses do. The foundation has presented more than 8,500 nurses over 2,600 medical facilities with The Daisy Award. National Nurse Week also takes place to celebrate the work that nurses do. Cinnabon helps out by promoting the week in certain bakeries etc.


Cinnabon are bringing out a new line-up of five different blended beverages called Chillattas in 2017. They will act as an on-the-go treat on a hot day.

AMC and Cinnabon have partnered for the third season of ‘Better Call Saul.’ Competitions and prizes were in store for people leading up to the premiere of the third season.

In 2016, Cinnabon launched ‘Crafted by Cinnabon,’ which was their first line of fresh bakery treats now available shops, grocery stores etc.


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