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Domotecnica is a franchise network with the goal of transforming operators into energy efficient specialists. They are keen to transfer the skills and tools to businesses to ensure that they are being as efficient with their consumption and their spending as possible.

Roberto Vidori founded the company in 1993 after studying thermo-hydraulics for forty years. Taking advantage of the fact that the Italian Energy Bill is dearer than other European countries, Vidori developed a system to help people cut costs. Domotecnica has the knowledge and ability to provide the customer with the most efficient combination of energy and technology to ensure that they are left with a system that saves them money on fuel consumption.

The goal of Domotecnica is to transfer the skills and tools to companies so that they can sustain their energy efficiency. Domotecnica offers the customer the best tools to manage their business in an efficient way. Management database models, tools to calculate tax relief and insurance, tools to analyse fuel consumption, design of location and basic information and support are all supplied to the customer with which they can run their system as efficiently as possible.

Franchise System

Domotecnica are the first and only independent franchising company for installation companies who want to be energy efficient. They currently have 1300 franchises since franchising immediately after the company was established in 1993.

Being a Domotecnica technician means having to carry out the inspections and discover the overall energy performance of the building in question. Heating and hot water production need to be evaluated and then the technician must develop ways of improving the current performance system.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is the duty and goal of the company to be as efficient as possible to try and sustain the natural environment. By creating and using different forms of energy, such as solar power, solar thermal power and hydraulic power Domotecnica has a huge impact on protecting and reserving the planet.


Domotecnica is affiliated with the Almax Group which is also a company that bring efficiency to both homes and businesses.


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