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Etam is a successful high street brand catering for women’s fashion, specialising in lingerie. The first Etam store opened in 1916 in France and the brand has expanded ever since. The first franchise opened in 1925 and today there are 4,098 franchises in 29 countries. Some of Etam's European locations include Belgium, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic.

The Etam Group

The Etam group is made up of three brands: Etam, 1,2,3 and Undiz. The aim of the group is to make women feel more beautiful than they already are.

Etam as a brand aims to achieve a premium position in the market, with emphasis placed on everyday clothes that will become absolute essentials, and on exceptional products. Etam has also developed its online service providing three hour delivery in certain shops in Paris.

In 2016, 1,2,3 opened more stores in France as well as branching outside the country to Switzerland, Belgium, Lebanon, Germany and Taiwan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Etam Group care about young people, and encourage them into the workforce by offering internships and part time work each year to young people.
Etam also value their workforce and run a campaign called Mission Handicap is an initiative from the company which aims to support employees in improving their quality of life.

The Etam Group pays particular attention to the impact the brand has on the environment. In terms of transportation, Etam tries to promote as much boat transportation of products as possible to reduce trucks on the roads.

To reduce waste, the company carries out its exchanges with ECO packaging and more measures are being put in place to improve recyclability of waste.

Finally, energy consumption is monitored closely. Etam stores now use 100% LED lighting.


In 2016, Etam celebrated their 100th anniversary by coordinating an extravagant live show in Paris. It was their opportunity to unveil their new capsule collection, as well as an artistic project based solely on women’s independence.

The Etam Group also started placing more emphasis on investments in digital logistics. One of their new innovations is the Undiz Machine Concept, which is essentially a compact store. Customers place orders on screens and the products are delivered through tubes, with no need for staff intervention.

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