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Greene King has been brewing ale for over 200 years and has branched into a successful franchise, now owning 1900 various franchises in the form of pubs, restaurants and hotels. Greene King has been brewing ale and running pubs since 1799 when the company was founded by a young nineteen year old named Benjamin Greene. Greene’s Brewery became Greene King and Sons following an amalgamation with Frederick King’s St. Edmunds Brewery. By the 1960s, Green King had become a major success.

It continues to grow and grow and it’s the country’s leading pub retailer and brewer owning hundreds of pubs, restaurants and hotels across England, Scotland and Wales. In 1888, Westgate Fire Brigade was established to protect Greene King and Sons from fire. Greene King continue to support the fire brigade by having four employees who are on-call firefighters.

The company includes much-loved brands like Hungry Horse, Chef and Brewer, Farmhouse Inns and Flaming Grills.

The Franchise System

Greene King recognise that franchisees are very important to their success. However they emphasis a crucial factor. The franchisee needs to fit in with the right pub. Character, personality and values are all important when creating a pub with character. While the selection of franchisee is very important, the company does offer the newbie much advice and support to get going.

The franchisee will first work with a Business Development Manager who will guide them through the first stages of the business. By using suppliers that Greene King have already connected with, the franchisee has access to a huge range of products all at the right price. Go Create is another feature of the company that the franchisee can benefit from. They produce artwork for any occasion, no matter what the promotion or marketing strategy is. Training programmes are also provided, where the new owner is shown the ropes in running the day to day business as well as shown how to develop and handle future plans and financial situations.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Greene King recognise that the pub acts as a community because it brings people together. It is where people gather in good times and in bad and for this reason, Greene King want to support the community and make it stronger.

Greene King got behind Macmillan Cancer Support UK and launched a partnership with them where they managed to raised £2 million for the cause. Greene King also supports Focus 12, which helps to give treatment to those dependent on drugs and alcohol. It also supports The Pub is the Hub campaign designed to help rural pubs survive during the economies changes.


Greene King care about their employees and want to see them do well. As a result they offer their staff a lot of training and developmental so that they can continue to grow and develop useful skills. In 2011, they signed up with the government’s apprenticeship scheme and from then on they have assisted 7,400 apprenticeships through their qualifications.


Greene King are at the moment focusing on reducing their energy, water and waste consumption. Pubs and restaurants are now installed with LED lighting. Spirit sites are supplied with 100% renewable energy.

Through their collaboration with Waterscan, Greene King were able to reduce their water consumption by 12% in the last three years.

More than 570 Greene King sites managed to divert 80% of their waste from landfill.


In support of Macmillan Cancer support, 34 Greene King employees took part in a 20 mile cycle from Paris to London in 2017.

Greene King have also, that same year, unveiled an innovative support package allowing pubs to host their very own festival.

Lastly, the company has pledged to stop using the landfill for any of its waste by 2020.


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