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Over the last twenty five years, Komandor have provided high quality furniture and service to its customers. It specialises in sliding doors on fitted furniture or wardrobes. After continuous expansion, Komandor is now present in over 42 countries worldwide, benefiting its customers around the globe with quality made products alongside an excellent customer service.

It was first founded in 1992. The company secured their position in the market between 1992 and 1994 and expanded into North and South America. Expansion continued throughout the years 1995 and 1997 as they launched in Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia. By 2000, they employed over 6000 people.

The Franchise System

Komandor have spread so successfully around the world by using high quality sales agents that take on the business. Manufacturers and production technicians work alongside these agents across the globe to create consistent products at a high quality. To be an agent, a show room is required, to display the range of products available. Agents would need to have a strong understanding of technical design and have an installation team that have been properly trained to install the furniture correctly. Being a part of a franchise like Komandor means you are provided with product training, distribution training and installation training. Tools, marketing support and design and layout are also provided and membership to the Komandor Group is instigated. Agents will get continued support from other group members.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Komandor want to offer their customers the greatest value that they can but they also note the importance of their working team and therefore want to make their lives better by encouraging a work and leisure balance. Organisations have become part of Komandor with the goal being to bring people together not just through work but through shared interests and passions. For example, The Business Motor Group in Komandor or the Ski Club Komandor.

A website was established to help small-medium businesses get their feet and to listen to concerns that the small-medium enterprise sector experience.


Komandor know how vital safety is so therefore every product is subjected to durability safety tests and more to ensure that the product is long lasting but most of all safe to use.


On June the 10h 2017, Komandor celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary in a production plant in Radam. They went on to a showcase of a selection of their newest products.

Komandor also showcased their newest products at the Interzum 2017 exhibit.


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