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Mail Boxes etc is one of the world’s largest networks of retail centres, offering services to do with logistics, communication and support service to businesses. Their aim is to improve productivity by outsourcing business processes, such as shipping or printing etc, that are not core business activities.

It was founded in San Diego California in 1980. It was bought by UPS in 2001 and the USA and Canada network was rebranded into ‘The UPS Store.’ The remainder international MBE retail centres were acquired by MBE Worldwide S.p.a, based in Italy. It’s now present in 38 countries including Austria, France, Germany, Ireland and The UK.

On December 31, 2016 MBE counted on almost 1,600 locations in 30 countries, with aggregated Sales of 427 Million euro in 2016 (+6% vs 2015). In April 2017 MBE acquired PostNet International Franchise Corporation, a retail network of 660 Business Centers in 9 countires, with headquarter at Lakewood (Colorado), and a retail system and portfolio very close to MBE one. PostNet acquisition ensured MBE a strong presence in US, South Africa and other countries where PostNet brand is very solid. Before AlphaGraphics acquisition, MBE and PostNet counted on a network of almost 2,300 locations in 38 countries. PostNet acquisition brought to aggregated Sales of approximately 530 Million euro in 2016.

The Franchise System

The brand believes in the potential of people and therefore aims to empower its franchisees to excel at everything that they do. The company relies solely on franchising power and therefore values its franchisees very highly. Each MBE centre is owned and managed by a franchise entrepreneur while being backed up by the support of the company.

Opening a MBE centre means being an independent owner but always having support. The franchisee will receive help with financing as well as location selection, interior design, marketing, advertising, business development and most importantly training. Training programmes differ but are always well designed and comprehensive giving a great understanding of the business. There is an initial training program followed by continuous training and development throughout the running of the franchise.

It’s also possible to become a master franchisee where the licensee has the ability to open an MBE centre in new territory and develop the company in that region. The franchisee can adapt the company to local needs and conditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MBE aims to reduce and prevent emissions damaging the earth and MBE in Austria is taking part in climate protection. It does this by supporting recognised climate protection projects and altering certain aspects of the company. For example, MBE Austria produce all of its own printed products in a way that does little damage to the environment. They take part in a project known as Water Treatment in West Kenya, which aims to provide clean water to rural areas of West Kenya. MBE supports water filters as they do not require electricity and are therefore not producing dangerous gas emissions.


In 2017, as they try and reinforce their presence in France, Mail Boxes etc are opening a centre in Chambery.

Also in 2017 MBE Worldwide acquired PostNet International Franchise Corporation who are specialised in graphic design. Both companies can offer the customer better services at greater value.

Mail Boxes Etc have plans to launch an e-link service which will allow companies to manage their online affairs more easily. It will be free and create a simple way of monitoring the company’s e-commerce.

On October 4th 2017, MBE Worldwide, one of the largest third-party logistics, printing and communications service retail networks in the world with 2,300 locations globally, acquired AlphaGraphics, Inc. (“AlphaGraphics”), a leading design, printing, marketing and communications retail system. Following this acquisition, MBE Worldwide’s global network now encompasses more than 2.600 global business service centers - ca. 500 in the U.S. and 2.100 internationally in 40 countries - with expected to achieve System-wide Sales of ca. 800 million euro in 2017.

With recent acquisitions, MBE Worldwide has now reached almost 2,600 stores.

Financial Information

· Minimum Personal Investment: €40,000
· Entry Fee: €20,000


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