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Mango is a well-established women's clothing brand. It is Spain's number one fashion franchise. The first Mango store opened in 1984 in Barcelona and started its franchising system in the same year. The company grew quickly and today there are 2,415 stores in 107 countries and it has become one of the most recognisable names in the high-street fashion industry. In 1992, the company began to expand outside Spain opening two stores in Portugal. International expansion continued into Singapore and Taiwan in 1995. By 2012 it was present in over one hundred counties. Mango's eventual goal is to be present in every city in the world.

Franchise System

Franchising is very important to Mango as an organisation and is critical to its success. There are different departments within Mango that deal with its international branches. All stores have the same dynamic atmosphere, offering a high level of customer service. There is continuous training and development to ensure that standards are the same no matter where Mango is situated geographically.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mango recognises that they have a responsibility to their customers and their environment. Their sustainability report sets out the social responsibility commitments and activities of Mango. Mango attempts to control all aspects of the company that concern the environment so that it can manage contamination as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Chair was set up in September 2006 and its main goal was to increase knowledge and awareness of corporate social responsibility.

Mango implements projects and policies to protect the environment, for example, to reduce carbon emissions by compensating the electricity associated with the production centres.

Mango follow a code of conduct that prevents the use of child labour and forced and obligatory labour. It places importance on health and safety for customers and employees in stores as well as preventing discrimination against employees.

Mango is committed to sustainability and to helping the environment in any way that it can. In 2016, to show it was doing more to sustain the environment, Mango launched a project called 'Take Action' which involved creating a business model that would involve processes that would not harm to the environment.


In 2017, Mango launched a fashion line dedicated to sustainability called their Committed Collection. The garments that were manufactured are made from fabrics which incorporate organic recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Any dyes that were used contained environmentally friendly inks so no harm was being done to the environment.

Mango also recently expanded its e-commerce in the Middle East after it had been successful in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It now reaches Bahrain, Lebanon and Oman. The new extensions include website translations into local languages and online features designed for different cultures and their shopping habits.

Mango has also boosted logistics operations throughout Europe as they now promise a twenty four hour delivery service for online orders across 28 European countries.

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·Minimum Required Investment: £460,822


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