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Mister Minit is the number one franchise in Belgium and has received several awards particularly in Australia and New Zealand for their excellent franchisees and their thorough business model. Mister Minit provides a range of services including key cutting, engravings, shoe repair and watch repair. It’s now majorly successful across eleven countries including Germany, Finland, Spain, The Netherlands, Estonia and Portugal.

The company was co-founded by Donald Hillsdon Ryan in Belgium in 1957. By 1965 it had begun trading with other countries. By 1967 there was a substantial presence of Mister Minit shops around Europe and they began expanding towards New Zealand and Australia. The company first began with shoe repairs because people were finding it difficult to maintain shoes, particularly stiletto heels, along the cobbled streets at the time. The Heel Bar was opened with great success and initiated the growth of the brand.

The Franchise System

While the company expanded to France and Switzerland in 1958, the first franchised store was not opened until 1994. There are now almost around 1100 stores around Europe and 245 of them are franchised. Mister Minit recognises the value of their franchisees. They believe that with innovative enthusiastic franchisees alongside a strong franchise company with a known brand name, the company will dominate the market.

Mister Minit work hard to ensure they’re franchisees succeeds and they are completely dedicated to their training and developing. This means the franchisee receives constant support. Initial training usually takes nine weeks, with the first few days taking place in the shop and the other days taking place in a training centre in Paris. Every franchisee has a competency based program on the job and after this new members are trained in technical sales and leadership skills etc... The company also has great benefits because new franchises become part of a brand with an already established image. The training and development is continuous, made so by the regular manager visits and regular training and newsletters.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mister Minit is committed to their staff and their customers. To show this they provide a clean positive and friendly environment so team members have a positive working life and so that customers feel relaxed and happy.

There is also investment placed on training and development to ensure that franchisees as well as all staff are capable and are up to date in the newest technology on the market.


2017 marks Mister Minit’s 60th anniversary.

Brent Giblin works at the Mister Minit franchise in Stockland Shellharbour and in 2015, he was awarded the Franchisee of the Year award by the Franchise Council of Australia. To win, your franchise must meet a standard whereby there is a strong level of customer satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction.

Financial Information

· Personal Investment: €50,000
· Total Investment: €195,000
· Entrance Fee: €10,000


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