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In 1961, Etruria was established as a buying group and then continued to expand. In 2000, it partnered with SMA, a strong franchise which became part of the simply market. The simply market brand was created through the Auchan Group as a channel of supermarkets.

The Franchise System

Being a franchisee of Simply Market means being part of the Auchan Group. They offer training and alter it to local needs depending on the position of the franchise. Training also remains part of franchisee’s life throughout their career. The Auchan Group provides assistance by providing management tools and e-learning, marketing strategies and training stores as well as much more. Simply will always provide their partners with advice and support relating to their needs and help them to secure better results in their business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Simply Market recognise the responsibility they have to their customers, employees and their environment to be supportive and protective.

Simply is supportive of developing communities and creating solidarity between people. It has collaborated with the paediatric hospital Anna Meyer of Florence since 2014. They have initiated donation points where their customer’s generosity really counts and the result it that projects such as the toy hospital could be finished and other activities such as Pet Therapy and Meyermusica coming into the hospital to play music.

They have also partnered with the non-profit organisation Gabnichi which raises money for developing regions. As a result of all the donations, education, health care and hospitality facilities can be built.

Financial Information

·Minimum Personal Investment: €150,000


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