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 With 3,000 locations worldwide across 120 countries, Regus Business Centres has become the largest provider of flexible work space solutions. As a company their goal is to enable people to work where they want, anywhere around the globe.

It all began when the founder of Regus Business Centres, Mark Dixon, recognised that there was a lack of office space available to travelling business people. The idea took off, first in 1989 in Belgium and soon spread throughout Europe. By 1984 it had reached China and Latin America.

Franchise System

Regus Business Centres are constantly looking for new areas into which they can expand their opportunities, with the necessary help of its franchisees. Regus provides financial help to its franchisees starting out. Its relationship with a third party source ensures that the equipment needed for the new branch is covered.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Regus Business Centres is committed to maintaining high standards of openness and honesty as well as professionalism in all of its business activities. The company has a Statement of Commitment where it states that it will carry out business in an ethical way. The company had also committed to ensure that no slavery or human trafficking with make its way into the businesses supply chains.


As Regus Business Centres is an international business, the company has roots in all sorts of communities around the world. To show its compassion for the communities it aims to invest in these communities by employing local people and encouraging the development of business skills.

The company employees get involved with local community initiatives.


Another goal of the company is to reduce its carbon footprint. They have already achieved the Carbon Trust Standard with the aim now being to reduce their carbon emissions by half come 2020.


Regus are continuously expanding and opening new business centres all around the world.

This year, 2017, they opened a centre at Dublin Airport to accommodate any business traveller's needs.

Regus are in the middle of plans to open a third Liverpool. Similarly in Bristol, they plan to open a fifth centre.

Another is being established in Luxembourg and many more in various other destinations around Europe and elsewhere.


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