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Safti began in 2010 and since then has made itself known as a high quality professional real estate agency network that has grown to be hugely popular throughout France. It was founded by Gabriel Pacheco alongside Sandra Franconnet and Marc Brimeux. It grew steadily and received ISO 9001 Quality Certification in 2013. However ever since 2015 the publicity the brand is getting has increased dramatically. This is all down to the powerful national television campaign that Safti launched. The campaign has more than 2000 TV spots a year across the largest French channels.

Franchise System

Becoming a part of the Safti franchise means having a partnership relationship with the company. You essentially become an independent property trader and work from home. There is no actual shop but research is expected to be done through the internet. What Safti does instead is bring individual independent real estate agents together and makes then part of something bigger without having to alter their lifestyle dramatically.

The advantages are endless. Most evidently, being able to work at home and still be part of a winning franchise means having a less expensive burden on your hands than someone setting up a new clothes franchise for example. There are no time constraints. Franchisees can set their own timetable each day. There is no hierarchy in their environment. Thanks to the huge TV campaign Safti launched, franchisees will have an automatic brand name that people are very familiar with and that already has positive connotations associated with it.

Franchisees will be provided with a lot of support when becoming a real estate agent. The company will provide them with every professional and effective tool they could need to establish themselves. Training is particularly intense. It begins with a three month integration program which the franchisee follows to get to grips with the company. This is followed by personal continuous training that is customised and tailored to suit. This course runs alongside an e-learning course. Finally there is a team of advisory consultants which will be allocated to the franchisee should they need any assistance. Online hotline support is always available.


For five years in a row Safti have been successful in gaining satisfaction from their agents. This year 97.4% of real estate agents are satisfied being part of the Safti franchise due to the high quality service provided.

IFOP have claimed that Safti are the network of agents with the strongest reputation. This would be a clear result of the campaign that saw Safti on all of the main TV channels in France.

Every year the company has a convention bringing the whole Safti team together. The 2016 convention was a particular success at bringing individual agents together for rewards and celebrations.

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·Minimum Personal Contribution: €2000


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