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Tecnocasa is one of the largest real estate agencies in Europe. It was first established in 1979 by a man named Oreste Pasquali who introduced the first model of organised real estate in the real estate sector. In 1994 the company went international, first in Spain and then expanded in seven other countries, France, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Thailand, Tunisia and Hungary. In 1999, The Ducale Spa was established, which aims to build knowledge of Italian families and their habitual preferences and issues.

The Franchise System

Through its franchises Tecnocasa has managed to develop extensively across the globe. There are many advantages to joining the franchise. The brand is credible, known and trusted by many people across Europe and elsewhere. Their business plan has been tried and tested to work successfully. The Tecnocasa School offers unique know-how to franchisees and other staff through permanent staff courses and technical courses. New franchisees taking on the unfamiliar role of real estate consultant will be assisted continually through training and development so that they are fully equipped to handle the franchise.

Corporate Social Responsibility


The Tecnocasa group commits to the protection of forests by using paper from forests where the paper mill UPM has enhanced biodiversity in the forests it owns. It does this by careful and selective cutting which allows for habitation of other wildlife.

La Ducale Spa in 2010 started focusing on saving energy, and to help has planned its real estate developmental projects in buildings classified as Class A energy saving. This means it is important to pay attention to building positioning as well as studying carefully housing materials.


The Tecnocasa group got involved with the MilleSoli Non-Profit foundation which operated in India where a substantial amount of people are living in poverty. Their mission is to protect and support children belonging to the most disadvantaged groups, by supplying homes and education. The foundation is doing well and has already financed the construction and renovation of several shelters for children. They have created 13 receptions in nine states of India so now more than 1200 children have homes.


Tenocasa continues to strengthen its ties internationally as it now has over 70 offices in Mexico by opening 16 new offices.

The launch of the Tenocasa Portal led to company figures increasing. The aim was to increase contacts by using a portal-orientated area that was created for people. Following its first year residential demand was up 13% and commercial demand was up by 26%.

In 2017, they launched a new campaign where the company’s trademarks will be displayed on mega billboards in the most prestigious places in city centres across the world.


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