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PowerSlim International B.V.

A Weight-Loss Business With a Difference!
Huge and Growing Market | A System That Works Every Time | Great Return on Investment

The Market

Government projections* show that the obesity rate will continue to rise, with as many as 50% of women and 60% of men expected to be obese by 2050. The cost of obesity will rise as the number of overweight people grows, despite a range of government initiatives (like the sugar tax announced in the March 2016 budget) that have been launched to encourage healthier eating and personal weight management.

The fortunes of weight-loss concepts are closely linked to the percentage of overweight and obese people in the UK. A high obesity rate is likely to promote sales of slimming pills, low-fat and reduced-sugar products, meal replacement products and appetite suppressants.

However, the success of this approach to weight management is limited by consumer scepticism. Many consumers regard these products as being not very tasty or having poor nutritional content. People use these kinds of products for a short period and then fall back into their old behaviour and eating patterns. So products alone won’t cut it. This is where the PowerSlim opportunity lies.

(*Figures are based on the English market)

The PowerSlim Business Model

PowerSlim does offer its customers food replacement products – however, this is done through a network of trained coaches. In the Netherlands, there are over 400 PowerSlim centres, all run by entrepreneurs. They sell the products, but they are first and foremost coaches – coaches who are all committed, involved and very well trained. This explains the success. They keep clients focused, disciplined and very importantly, inspired to reach their desired results. The business is not about selling products, but rather about recruiting and developing great coaches. It is only if PowerSlim’s clients are successful that the coaches are successful, and in turn the company is successful.

The products used by clients are based on the scientifically proven idea that a lower carbohydrate intake and a higher protein intake is the most effective approach to achieve and maintain one’s target weight long term. A diet which features the right nutrient balance allows for the body’s fat reserves to be used as energy sources, without affecting the muscle mass. This ensures a balanced metabolism and allows the participants to reach their ideal weight.

PowerSlim was developed and launched in the Netherlands in 2009. Today it is the market leader in the low-carb/high protein segment of the weight loss market in the Benelux countries. The franchise opportunity is to own the rights for PowerSlim for the UK, Spain, Germany or a country of the Adriatic region, and to replicate the success being enjoyed in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Franchise Package

  • You will be trained to operate in the contracted country, exactly as the business operates in the Netherlands.
  • You will have the development rights for the whole of the contracted country
  • You will be provided with extensive training and operating manuals and materials
  • You will be shown how to recruit and support coaches
  • You will have access to PowerSlim’s custom IT systems
  • You will be able to offer clients over 130 different product choices
  • You will be shown the warehousing/distribution requirements which will be required to support your coaches
  • PowerSlim will work with you to design an effective launch programme
  • You will have regular ongoing training and support from PowerSlim.

Financial Information

To launch PowerSlim your initial investment, including stock, premises, fees, marketing will be in the region of €260K. If you replicate what has been achieved in the Netherlands and Belgium, you should reach 500+ coaches over a five-year period. This will give you, as the Master Franchisee, a turnover in excess of €6.5m and a net profit of €1.3m+.

The Ideal Franchisee

You will have the following attributes

  • Proven track record as an entrepreneur
  • You will enjoy setting and achieving goals
  • You will have strong people skills
  • You will have great marketing expertise
  • You will have the ability to operate at both a strategic and detailed level in the business
  • You will have strong organisational/IT skills
  • You will have good health, high energy, and a very positive approach to life.
  • Although you will be a good team player, you will probably prefer individual sports such as golf, skiing, and tennis, in which your own skills determine the outcome of the game.
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  • PowerSlim International B.V. - Image
  • PowerSlim International B.V. - Image
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One franchise for running PowerSlim across the UK is available.
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