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Case Study – Dasarath Gurung

NIC Services Group “I wanted the reassurance and support that you get from investing in a well-established franchise like NIC and thought this was my best route into starting my own business. After serving for over 14 years I had the opportunity to take redundancy, which provided me with a lump sum of money which I was able to use some of to start my franchise.” Read more.

How many customers do you think you can attract into your No+Vello per day?

May 15, 2015 / FRANCHISE NEWS
No+Vello 5, 6, 10, 12? The answer is yes - but to break even you actually only need 3! Read more.

NIC Services Group

Video of NIC Services Franchisee Brian Pestana

Brian is the NIC Services franchisee for the West Midlands. Nearly four years ago he dropped the corporate life of continuously answering to others and became his own boss with this commercial cleaning franchise.