Franchise Direct Welcomes Our Latest Global Portal – Australia

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Welcome Australia as the Latest Global Portal to Join Franchise Direct
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Here at Franchise Direct we are continuing to rapidly increase our reach in the global franchise market and are delighted to announce the launch of our latest franchise portal in Australia. This brings the total number of franchise portals in our international network to 15 and ensures that this globally-orientated company now has a presence in every continent.

With 21 years of experience in delivering expert franchise assistance, we are proud to use our expertise to serve this new market. Since 1998 Franchise Direct has established itself as a pioneering force in franchise lead generation and we relish this opportunity to expand our reach throughout Australia.

Why Choose Australia?

There is a broad variety of reasons why investing in Australia is an excellent idea, as laid out by the recent Australia Benchmark Report, including:

  • A robust economy
  • Dynamic industries
  • Key innovation and skills
  • Strong global ties
  • Excellent business foundations

Australia is widely regarded as having a high quality of life and excellent work-life balance and three Australian cities have made The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Top 10 “ Most Liveable Cities in the World”. Australia offers a low unemployment rate, high wages and an excellent healthcare system which has led to this nation’s exceptionally high life expectancy.

The Franchise Industry of Australia

Franchising in Australia is a widely renowned and utilised business model and there are currently over 1,300 franchise brands actively trading in this location. The franchise industry of Australia underwent initial growth in the 1970s with the introduction of prominent global food franchises including Pizza Hut and KFC. Since then there has been a high growth-rate within this industry from both international and local brands.

The economy of Australia is a mixed-market economy with a low unemployment rate of 5.7% and a GDP of over USD $1.3 trillion. Franchising contributes 8% of Australia’s GDP and there are currently over 472,000 people currently employed in franchising in Australia.

Top franchises operating in Australia today include international brands such as McDonald's (over 900 stores), Subway (available in over 44,000 locations), Poolwerx (over 100 retail stores and 300 mobile units) and Battery World (over 93 stores throughout Australia).

The central regulatory body for franchising in Australia is the Franchise Council of Australia Limited (FCA) which represents franchisors, franchisees and all franchise-related services. This organisation is open to any and all individuals who are involved in the franchise industry. Become a member today to avail of the unique services of this Council.

Top Economic Industries in Australia

Due to Australia’s varied economy, this continent has a wide range of core economic sectors including:


Australia is a leading producer of liquified natural gas but green energy is a rapidly emerging sector in this location with plans to produce 33% of all energy via renewable sources by 2020.


This is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia, contributing more than 900,000 jobs and approximately $42 billion to the economy each year.

Service Industry

The service industry in Australia comprises more than 70% of the GDP of its economy and employs over 79% of the active labour force.

Media and Entertainment

With advertising estimated to contribute $40 billion to the economy of Australia, this industry is central to the strong economic development of this location.

Are You Interesting in Starting a Franchise in Australia?

If the prospect of starting a franchise in Australia with its beautiful natural scenery and high quality of life is appealing to you, Franchise Direct can help you on this journey. Simply search the broad variety of franchises currently available on this brand-new portal now.

The average franchise investment in Australia is currently between $100,000 and $200,000 but there is an exciting range of opportunities currently available whatever your starting budget. If you are looking for part-time or home-based franchises, there are many opportunities for you and the vast majority of franchises do not require specific degrees or qualifications for success.

Whether you are a franchisor looking to expand your brand throughout this region, or an entrepreneur looking for a brand-new franchise or business opportunity, Franchise Direct is here for you.

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