Franchisor Q&A (#4): Daniel Moquet

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We take a look at why Daniel Moquet is the perfect opportunity for budding investors.

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The landscaping / paving / driveway market is expanding, and the demand is growing.

The market for all aspects of house exterior design and construction - terraces, pools, paving, landscaping etc. – is booming right now. The demand is growing and the market itself is diversifying and expanding further still into areas of green energy and sustainability.

With more than three decades of experience in creating driveways, Daniel Moquet provides you with an opportunity to express your commercial talents for selling, while supporting you and teaching you the techniques of the trade.

Since the early ‘90s the company has specialised in designing driveways; is a flourishing market, with little competition, thanks to the growth of the real estate industry.

The strengths of the franchise

  • Innovative concept in a growing industry.
  • Exclusive territory.
  • Staff training with technical monitoring and marketing.
  • A launch plan and a marketing plan with monthly events.
  • 20% profitability before tax.
  • Rapid return on investment.
  • Exclusive environmentally friendly products.

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In our Franchisor Q&A series, we take a look at why Daniel Moquet is a great franchise opportunity for budding entrepreneurs looking to get into home services / landscaping sector. Check out the full interview below:

Daniel Moquet

Why is your business a smart franchise investment for entrepreneurs?

The company has 45 years of franchising experience, and its franchisees know it! In 2013 the network was labelled a ‘golden network’ in France. It was ranked at the top of the Top 10 best franchises by the Franchise Indicator following the audit carried out among franchisees, with 99 per cent of franchisees optimistic about the future of the network and their company. In 2019, Daniel Moquet received the Golden Ribbon of Franchising, and in 2023 it celebrated its 45th anniversary!

Our 45 years of experience is a key factor in your success.

What do you look for in a potential franchisee?

Daniel Moquet is looking for applicants with multiple skills: sales, management, business management and administration.

Our franchise gives you the opportunity to express your sales and managerial talents, while being accompanied and trained in the best techniques.

As branch director, you’re in charge of managing, developing, and coordinating the running of the franchise and the team. With the support of the Daniel Moquet network, you’ll play an essential role during every stage of the business, including helping individuals reach their personal goals and leading the team to collective success.

You don’t have to be a landscaper – 88 per cent of the network’s franchisees come from another sector.

The job can be broken down into two functions:

  • Technical: team management, project management and site supervision
  • Commercial: visiting prospects, issuing proposals and quotations

The organization is technical in the morning and sales in the afternoon.
The skills and qualities needed include team management skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and a taste for customer contact. It’s important to be versatile and rigorous in your work and be willing to use your initiative. Through your commitment and hard work, you can earn a very good salary.

What does the initial training process look like for new franchisees?

We offer our franchisees a solid training program in field management, communication strategy, CRM, procurement, and sales. All our franchisees have the added benefit of customer services support, and rigorous follow-up before, during and after the launch of their business, enabling them to achieve good profitability in the first year. The business model has proven very successful and has continually developed over the course of the last ten years.

As a franchisor, our job is to make our franchisees successful.

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What ongoing support is provided to franchisees?

Field Management and Coaching:

  • Monthly visits are organised from the start
  • The franchisor is trained as well as the staff on site
  • Regional meetings are organised to exchange best practices and meet other franchisees

Procurement and innovation:

  • The purchasing department allows you to buy at the best price
  • As a manufacturer we offer exclusive branded products to our franchisees

Organisation and admin

  • The call centre allows the franchisee to concentrate on his core business
  • An internal CRM has been created to facilitate the management of the companies (edition of the estimates, follow-up of the customers, calculation of the profitability, management of the schedules etc...)


  • Our communication department helps the franchisee to set up a yearly communication plan to obtain qualified leads
  • Strong branding and associated communication tools are provided to the franchisee

How do you help franchisees achieve a work-life balance?

Establish clear expectations: Make sure franchisees understand the hours they're expected to work and the level of involvement required in running the business. Clear communication can help avoid overworking and burnout.

Provide support: Franchisees often face unique challenges that come with running a small business. Providing access to resources such as training, mentorship, and operational support can alleviate the burden of running the business.

Encourage delegation: Encourage franchisees to delegate tasks and responsibilities to their employees. This can free up more time for the franchisee to spend on personal life or other business development opportunities.

Offer flexible scheduling: Providing flexible scheduling options can help franchisees balance work and personal life.

Focus on productivity: Encourage franchisees to focus on productivity rather than just working long hours. Implementing systems that increase efficiency can help franchisees get more done in less time, freeing up time for personal pursuits.

Overall, it's essential for franchise companies to understand the unique needs and challenges of their franchisees and to work collaboratively to create a work-life balance that works for everyone.

What plans do you have for the franchise over the next few years?

In the UK, our objective is to recruit 3 new franchisees in 2023, 5 in 2024 and 10 new franchisees each year.

In Belgium we hope to recruit 3 new franchisees every year.

Is there anything else we’ve missed, that you would like to share with potential franchisees?

If you want to join the leading network in its market and work with great teams then contact us to find out more!

Learn more about the Daniel Moquet franchise opportunity here>>>


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