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QSXL Stands for ‘Quality Search Xtra Large’ and the company likes to think the XL also represents the opportunity for the franchisee too. The QSXL brand provides the credibility and systems for any franchise business to work with/for any scale of business, anywhere in the world.
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QSXL Overview

QSXL is a data driven recruitment company with extraordinary financial results due to a unique offering, culminating in record breaking results in 2022. With key franchise support staff recently winning top three Most Influential Recruiters of the Year, you are assured of world class support as a franchisee. Conducting business for over a decade, QSXL provides AI supported and algorithmic science-based recruitment services to some of the top companies in the world, underpinned by innovative supporting proprietary methodologies, products and services to both SME’s and LE’s, transcending traditional recruitment.

Founded in 2009, the company has a long history in managing successful businesses endeavours around the world. This is combined with the facilities and know-how to train and support franchisees in running a sales and business management franchise.

Currently represented on two continents, this innovative business has its headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands, and looks to rapidly expand further due to global demand. Not only this, but QSXL online support and comprehensive virtual back-office tools are built on over 14 years of insight into what customers need. The company’s powerful proprietary software combines an automated platform supported by in-house professionals, allowing the franchise business to operate seamlessly, anywhere in the world.

Key attributes of a QSXL franchisee:


Does the potential franchisee have the drive and ambition to make it work and a passion for selling? There are no guarantees in life, or in business, but the drive to succeed must come from within and success will naturally follow with the company’s support.


The role of a franchisee is a very hands-on position. They will be required to work in a fast-paced, dynamic business. The role will be the all-encompassing sales element, supported by QSXL’s extensive experience in the sales process acquired through well over a decade of success. Franchisees should be 100 per cent committed to setting and pursuing their daily sales activities. QSXL makes it easy, all the tech and support is brought to bear for the ultimate customer experience and back office support for the franchisee to focus on consistently winning clients and building sustainable revenue streams for itself.

Outstanding customer service skills

Without the clients, the company has nothing to work with. It is vital to a franchisee’s business and the brand to have a professional sales ‘face’ with the client. QSXL prides itself on giving outstanding service and top-class customer service to its clients, and to its franchise family.

Leadership and business experience

Building a solid team is imperative to any business, especially those in the service industry. Together, the franchisor and franchisee can get a clear picture of their natural talents and strengths, as well as providing support in the areas that a franchisee may find challenging. Armed with the brand’s support, potential franchisees can and will be great business leaders in the industry.

Business acumen

Don’t have industry experience? While it’s advantageous, it’s absolutely not imperative. The brand provides hands-on training to give franchisees the skills and tools they need, but the brand needs potential franchisees to have a head for business and an understanding of their responsibilities as a franchisee and aspiring/established business leader.

QSXL’s Business Model

QSXL’s proven business model presents a well-trodden path to building a successful recruitment or sourcing agency. Starting up with QSXL is a low-cost and low-risk way to grow a business within a network of like-minded, driven and successful associates.

Franchisees will collaborate on projects with their fellow QSXL colleagues, both nationally and globally – utilising the diverse specialisms and expertise of each consultant to work with larger clients and drive meaningful results. QSXL’s franchise network is poised to be the strongest in the industry and has proven itself in challenging times.

Being a QSXL franchisee means building a sustainable income stream with excellent net profit. The brand keeps franchisees at the cutting edge with the latest recruitment and candidate sourcing tech and methodologies through the ‘QSXL RAD’ team.

QSXL provides unique supporting and market leading revenue generating products to offer clients in conjunction with the array of core candidate search services, and it is recession and pandemic resilient – businesses always want to hire the best staff for the times. The company is constantly refining the tech-stack, utilising AI to underpin a powerful candidate search engine and methodology, so franchisees can focus on their clients while QSXL does everything else. Assembling project teams to serve your local clients across the globe, QSXL has a dynamic and energetic leadership team overseen by the original founder – Sidney Hiele – who started QSXL in 2009.

Find out everything you need to know about the QSXL Partner Programme by watching this video here

Driven and rewarded by franchisee success, potential candidates are encouraged to meet the leadership team to get a feel for the inspiring and warm atmosphere within the network. Have an initial chat with the company and then join one of the ‘Meet the Team’ sessions to learn more. The company provides award-winning, world-class training and support.

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