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Academia Micilor Developeri
Academia Micilor Developeri
Academia Micilor Developeri
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We create the leaders of tomorrow's technology, pixel by pixel
Academia Micilor Developeri is the place where children learn to become the creators of tomorrow's technology through fun and ingenious programming.
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Academia Micilor Developeri Overview
Since 2013, we have been creating innovative programs to develop programming skills and shape the future of children.

We are the only school in Romania with internationally certified children in Java Foundations by Oracle University.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Fun
  • Shaping the Future

What makes our courses special?

  • We are the only ones in Romania to offer international certification from ORACLE
  • Our courses are developed by IT specialists and educators with international experience. Main method: project-based learning
  • We update our courses every year to keep up with new technology
  • Open new classes monthly

What will you get as a franchisee

  • A curriculum for a 4-year course
  • Access to a business management system that facilitates the communication with clients and save your time: CRM, invoicing and payment tracking system, automated payment and reminder notification, updated templates of documents, virtual catalog, employee attendance, course calendar
  • Access for both students and teachers to the e-learning platform, which includes lesson plans and online tests, as well as an automated diploma issuance system
  • Training for employees and collaborators in order to maintain service quality and the teaching process at the highest standards
  • Website and landing page for advertising campaigns
  • Franchise manual, brand manual, visual identity and location design guide
  • Marketing support and detailed instructions for achieving business targets
  • Ongoing assistance and consultation for all period of collaboration
  • Support in opening and launching the center


  • Initial investment - €8,000.
  • Royalties - 10% of the turnover
  • Contribution to marketing budget: 1% of the turnover
  • The estimated budget of the investment is between 20.000 – 25.000 Euro depend on the location of the center

Why Programming?

Programming is a fundamental skill that empowers individuals to interact with and shape the digital world around them. In today's technology-driven society, the importance of programming extends far beyond computer experts and engineers. Here's why programming matters:

  • Problem-Solving: Programming teaches logical thinking and problem-solving skills. It helps individuals break down complex issues into manageable steps, fostering analytical abilities applicable in various domains.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Programming is a tool for creating digital solutions, whether it's a mobile app, a website, or software. It encourages creativity and innovation, allowing individuals to bring their ideas to life.
  • Future-Proofing: With the rise of automation and AI, programming is a skill that can future-proof careers. It's becoming increasingly relevant in various industries, from healthcare to finance.
  • Empowerment: Programming empowers individuals to control technology rather than being passive consumers. It provides the tools to customize and optimize digital experiences.
  • Global Language: Programming languages are universal. Learning to code opens doors to communication with diverse cultures and communities globally.
  • Understanding Technology: Programming offers insights into how software, apps, and digital tools work, enhancing overall understanding and reducing technological dependency.
  • Critical Thinking: Programming requires attention to detail and precision. It nurtures critical thinking and the ability to identify errors and troubleshoot effectively.
In essence, programming is a gateway to understanding and influencing the digital landscape. It empowers individuals to shape technology, solve problems and contribute to a rapidly evolving world.

Shape the future of children and build your own business. Become our franchise partner

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