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Start your own clinic specializing in the treatment of osteoporosis.
NASA STRONG is all about results! The training is unique and very productive, giving the client the most positive results in the least amount of time.
Top reasons to become a NASA Strong franchisee
All necessary tools etc., are provided.
Unique concept based on scientific research
Excellent training
Cutting edge exercise programme
NASA Strong Overview

NASA STRONG Delivers Results

When you suffer from osteoporosis, your bone mass and bone strength are reduced, which means you are at greater risk of fractures of your bones. Bone fractures can lead to chronic pain, loss of function and reduced quality of life. Between 20-30% of those who experience hip fractures after the age of 50 die within a year.

Often, there are no symptoms of osteoporosis before it occurs. It is therefore important to maintain your body, bones and muscles throughout life.

With Nasa Strong, you can now safely and effectively achieve the impact needed to activate your bone-building cells.

An increased bone strength gives less risk of bone fractures. Nasa Strong helps improve your bone density, balance and muscle strength.

Millions of people worldwide are suffering from osteoporosis and there is a huge demand for or product, especially as most patients don’t want to take medicine due to serious side effects.

Nasa Strong provides fast and greatly improved strength, functionality, and neurological efficiency as well as superb treatment of osteoporosis and back and joint pain.

Franchise Features

No specific background needed. We provide all training and know how.
  • All necessary tools etc., are provided.
  • No specific background needed.
  • Absentee ownership is possible.
Our main target group is the person who wants a professional and productive supervised training with quick results. Senior citizens are one major target area.

About NASA Strong

Nasa Strong guarantees that the client will achieve a minimum of 25 % strength increase within the first 10 sessions, otherwise all money will be refunded. Nasa Strong is also ideal for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis as it is very effective in strengthening the bone mass. Required area is only 20 square meters.

Master License

There are also possibilities of being granted an Area Developer License or Master License. Total cost to start up is app. EUR 65,000 everything included.

Don't miss you out on a lucrative franchise opportunity with the future of exercise.

If you would like more information on the requirements and opportunities involved in starting your own licensed NASA STRONG business, request free information below.

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